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Mayor Vico Sotto is showing us how leadership should be done

Mayor Vico Sotto is showing us how leadership should be done


Leadership is put to the ultimate test in times of crisis. It is true indeed, we have seen leaders rise and fall in these tragic times. Right now, coronavirus is wreaking havoc all over the world. Fear and confusion live in every home, the economic meltdown is also not far-fetched, which might lead to civil unrest.

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto addresses residents of Pasig City on October 8, 2019. Photo by Lisa Marie David/Rappler

But there’s one thing we have proven during these tough times — great leaders rise among the rest and thrive like no other. Right now, Pasig City’s newly elected Mayor Vico Sotto is showing us how leadership should be done. Mayor Vico Sotto is showing the entire country, why does he deserve his coveted post and why is he receiving lots of accolades on social media

Vico Sotto, a man of action

Local Government Units (LGU) have the easiest access to their communities, so it’s important for them to utilize the necessary measures to contain the ill effects of the coronavirus contagion. Mayor Vico is doing it in style and is showing how it should be done. For instance, he converted a Pasig Hotel to be a 14-day quarantine facility, thus off-loading hospitals and minimizing community risks.


He implemented an Anti-Panic Buying & Hoarding Ordinance to put a stop to hoarding and allow people to have enough during this tough time. He also made sure that all government employees will receive full payment in spite of not being able to work. The Mayor also launched free transportation to all front-liners and has ordered food packs and vitamins for the community quarantine. He also bought drones to disinfect the city — and that’s thinking outside the box right there. The Mayor also initiated for sanitation tents to be set up in public office entrances. These are only some of his measures, but are truly making an impact, how amazing right?

Vico Sotto in hot water

The Mayor though is in hot water and some of the supporters of the president led by Mocha Uson have launched an online attack, calling him “Pabebe”.  It is after he appealed to exempt tricycles from the month-long mass transport suspension under quarantine protocols.

Mayor Vico has a point, after all, how about those people who depend on their daily earnings, how can they survive this crisis, right? Also, how can the LGU accommodate thousands of health workers and other front-liners and all the patients that need to be attended to?

Photo Credit: Rappler

One thing is for sure, Mayor Vico is exemplifying what a great leader should look like and we hope that all leaders in the country can emulate these acts and follow suit. He is surely forging his legacy in this time of need. Crises are moments when amazing leaders can rise above prior troubles or sink deeper into them, this mayor is showing that he is rising above the challenge. He is indeed a cut above the rest, Are we seeing a future president in the making? Only time will tell as it is destiny. As for now let’s all appreciate it, be thankful for his amazing work. Kudos to you Mayor Vico!


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