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Here are three reasons why you keep seeing Tiktok videos on your feed

Here are three reasons why you keep seeing Tiktok videos on your feed

The longer this Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine is, the more Tiktok videos you’ll see on your timeline. You see, we live in a time when everyone remains online for 24/7. We look for news on Facebook or Twitter, entertain ourselves with YouTube or Netflix, and keep up with the trends through Instagram. With many people distancing themselves away from other people, we see the number of Tiktok’s downloads increase.

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So, here are three reasons why you keep seeing Tiktok videos on your feed:

Coping mechanism.

Gen Z kids (generally considered those born before or in 1997 and after) are currently running this world. Releasing comedy content with dark humor, dad jokes, and memes through Tiktok. These have been their coping mechanism to get over the fear and panic that the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) bring.

Their humor evokes positivity in the current situation that manifests stress and anxiety. With the recent coronavirus outbreak, the internet overflowed with memes and videos that brighten up a foreboding mood. The meme culture became a survival hack- making others feel relatable, heard, and optimistic, no matter the nature of the cause.

Plain boredom.

With the COVID-19 making people stay at home, bored AF people are making self-isolated content. Like many people, these Tiktokers are currently self-isolating and bored. Everything feels weird and different as the social video platform take up large chunks of newly free time.

The app became a useful place to see how other people live through this extremely unprecedented crisis. This becomes a window into people’s homes. Aside from students finding ways to goof off and/or leave online class, we see adults joining to have a fun way to move your body creatively during the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine.

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Public service announcements.

Aside from entertainment, Tiktok has also become a place for public service announcements (PSAs) for coronavirus. Vietnam, Thailand, and other Southeast Asian countries go viral as they produce PSAs about hand-washing, social distancing, and other best practices to combat the deadly virus.

Department of Health is officially on Tiktok. Of course, Health officials took to Tiktok to post a video. This highlights protective measures such as keeping a meter distance from others and following proper cough etiquette. In fact, some Filipino celebrities jump on Tiktok with the hashtags, #handwashtunes and #loveinthetimeofcorona.

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