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First of all, let’s praise Coney Reyes for raising a good man like Vico Sotto

First of all, let’s praise Coney Reyes for raising a good man like Vico Sotto

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto is the man of the hour. Scroll through your social media accounts and you’ll see that this 29-year-old young politician is showing the kind of leadership we all need right now. In the past days of Metro Manila community quarantine, he proactively initiated ways to protect his people from this COVID-19 pandemic.

With all these praises and acknowledgements Vico is receiving from social media, we might as well give credits to his mother, veteran actress Coney Reyes, for raising a good man who turned out to be a good leader. After all, good men are what their mothers made them.

Coney as a proud mom

In an interview with GMA News, Coney expressed how proud she is of his son. “I’m very proud of him,” Coney beamed with smile.

“I’m grateful to the Lord for what He has done in him and what He is doing through him now. I know that… I just hope that he will fulfill his calling in life, the destiny that God has called him to. Ako talaga, wala akong masasabi, prayers lang talaga,” she added.


Coney, who is known for being religious, shared that she always ask the guidance of the Lord for his son.

“I just hope and pray that he always look after the needs of others and he always remain humble because, ‘God opposes the proud, but God gives grace to the humble.’ I just pray that he will always look to the Lord and trust the Lord because when you look to the Lord and trust the Lord, you ask God the wisdom, He will give you,” she shared.

“Lagi [kong sinasabi], ‘Lord, please give my son wisdom, discernment,'” she continued.

Her role as mother to a son like Vico

As a mother, what is her ways to help her son in this time of crisis?

“Dinadaan ko na lang sa prayers. Kasi, matanda na rin siya. I mean, he’s 30, so I cannot follow him around. Hindi na siya batang maliit. Hindi ako nakikialam talaga. Basta we pray together, I pray for him din on my won.


“When [he] ask me for my opinion or suggestions, which is very seldom… I will probably ask his opinion now more than him asking mine. [I] believe that God raised him to be a man of wisdom. [I] pray lang talaga,” she answered.

Thankful for all the good words

Meanwhile, Coney is grateful for the good words about the ways she raised Vico. However, she believes that a strong relationship with God made his son a man of virtue.

“It’s a blessing talaga to have been entrusted with a child like this, like him,” she shared.


“Hindi ko naman maso-solo ang lahat ng credit. Like sa church, malaking tulong din ‘yung mga naiintindihan sa church at saka ‘yung mga friends namin sa church. Pero what Vico always says, I thank him for giving me the credit. He always say na much is from me,” she emphasized.

At the latter part of her interview, Coney reiterates her usual prayer for Mayor Vico, “Yun lang ang gusto ko talaga, ma-fulfill ni Vico his destiny in the Lord.”

Vico is Coney’s only son with comedy icon Vic Sotto.

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