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LIST: Who are the Top 10 PH Content Creators of 2021?

LIST: Who are the Top 10 PH Content Creators of 2021?

LIST: Who are the Top 10 PH Content Creators of 2021?

Filipinos are known as huge consumers of social media content per year. More than 85% of online Filipinos tune in on YouTube. As we are nearing the year-end, Google lists which content creators are most-watched by Filipinos this 2021?

10. CongTV

Who wouldn’t know his popular catchphrases: “PAAAWER!” or “What’s up sa inyo, mga paa?”

Instagram: @thecongtv

Lincoln “Cong” Velasquez started his channel in 2008. Now, his channel has 9.12M subscribers with 1B views.

His fans admire him for his humble personality in real life and chaotic persona online. Cong also makes content with Team Payaman.

With how big Cong has become, he and Junnie Boy are in an advertisement with James Reid for Mountain Dew!

Vlogger and entrepreneur Viy Cortez surprised Cong with a pregnancy announcement. This is after she suffered a miscarriage a year ago. Their fans are certainly very happy about this! Congratulations!

9. Hash Alawi

Instagram: @hash.alawi

Meanwhile, we have Hashim “Hash” Alawi is the older brother of sister vloggers Ivana Alawi and Mona Alawi.

He was often featured on Ivana and Mona’s vlogs before posting his first video on March 4, 2021.

Hash currently has 1.83M subscribers and 833k followers on Instagram.

8. Mika Salamanca

Mika Salamanca is a social media influencer, model, and vlogger. She joined YouTube on 2014 and she currently has 4.35M subscribers with 151M views.

Instagram: @mikslmnc

Aside from vlogging about travel, fashion, and her daily life, she has a talent for singing. Mika’s recording projects include her latest self-written song ‘You’ and her cover of Zack Tabudlo’s ‘Binibini’.

Her recent vlogs show her adventures and antics with her boyfriend. He is a Mobile Legends pro player and streamer John Paul “H2WO” Salonga. Their loveteam is known as ‘MiWo’.

7. Skusta Clee TV

Skusta Clee is a great artist with his hit tracks ‘Lagi’, ‘Sa Susunod na Lang’, and ‘Zebbiana’. Aside from that, he also has a successful YouTube channel with 25.6M subscribers!

Instagram: @extraordinaryl

Skusta Clee’s channel showcases his music videos and live performances. He also shows behind-the-scenes of his music videos, and vlogs featuring his partner, Zeinab Harake.

6. Vice Ganda

Aside from being a comedian, TV Host, recording artist, and actor, the “It’s Showtime!” host is a successful content creator on YouTube with 6.04M subscribers with 351M views!

Instagram: @praybeytbenjamin

Vice Ganda’s channel shows the antics and pranks featuring their family, co-celebrity friends, and partner, Ion Perez. They also show their personal life, travel experiences, and their acts of goodwill.

Indeed, the comedian is a successful media personality. Above all, she is the Kapamilya artist awarded as Asia’s best entertainment host by the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021.

5. Donnalyn

The ‘Kakaibabe’ Viva artist Donnalyn Bartolome lands at top 5 with her channel gaining 8.45M subscribers and 471M views!

Instagram: @donnalyn

Donnalyn’s contents include storytime of her personal life and react videos. Also, she makes collaborations with other content creators like AJ Raval with their ‘Extreme Girlfriend Challenge’ video.

Aside from vlogs, Donnalyn uploads music videos on her channel. Her latest music video O.M.O (On My Own) gained 20M views.

She also made a charity vlog 5 months ago about a giveaway for those who were affected by the pandemic. Truly, she uses her platform for good.

4. Toni Gonzaga Studio

Despite drawing criticisms earlier this year, Kapamilya artist Toni Gonzaga’s channel ‘Toni Gonzaga Studios‘ takes the 4th spot, garnering 4.1M subscribers and 215M views.

Toni Gonzaga with one of her guests, Maxene Magalona on one of her Toni Talks episodes.
Instagram: @celestinegonzaga

Her project Toni Talks‘ will show you that popular, successful people also experience challenges and loss as regular people do.

Toni Talks involves Toni’s one-on-one conversations with local personalities. A few of her guests include the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Champion Hidylin Diaz, the groundbreaking
boy group SB19, and politicians Vice President Leni Robredo and Sen. Manny Pacquiao.

3. Alex Gonzaga Official

Alex Gonzaga is dominating the content creation scene with her channel which has 11.9M subscribers and 1B views!

Her wacky personality and the pranks she pulls off on her guests will earn you a good laugh. Of course, as the family-loving Alex, she features her family and married life with her husband Mikee Morada.

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Alex with her husband, Mikee.
Instagram: @cathygonzaga

On October 24, Alex opened up about her bittersweet pregnancy journey on her YouTube channel which garnered 9M views.

However, she continues to shine on her vlogs as a good daughter, a fun influencer, and a loving wife. This is with support from her family, colleagues, and fans.

2. Zeinab Harake

Zeinab Harake takes the second spot again with her channel gaining 11.4M subscribers and 777M views!

Instagram: @zeinab_harake

Dashing features and eccentric character, Zeinab snagged the hearts of many. In fact, she shines in her vlogs featuring her family, co-influencers, and other media personalities.

Zeinab also shares her family life and motherhood journey with her partner Skusta Clee and their beautiful daughter Bia!

1. Ivana Alawi

Firstly, we have Ivana Alawi. She is a total eye candy mixed with a quirky personality. It probably wasn’t difficult for the half-Moroccan Ivana Alawi to defend her spot for the second time around!

Her channel was made in 2018. And just under three years, she currently has 14.4M subscribers with 964M views!

Instagram: @ivanaalawi

Ivana’s vlogs often feature her family, portraying their tight-knit relationship and Ivana’s family-oriented nature.

Also, she made videos with fellow vloggers Mimiyuuuh and Alex Gonzaga.

Aside from her entertaining pranks, reactions, and internet challenges with family and friends, the fans admire Ivana’s extreme generosity.

For her 13M subs special, she donated money and food packs. Also, in another vlog, she gave Php 50,000 to an old man while disguising herself as a street beggar.

With her angelic beauty and down-to-earth nature, it’s no contest that Ivana is one of the fastest-growing content creators today.

Is your fave here on the list? Who do you think will take the spots this year? And If you need more content creators to watch aside from the Top 10, you can read more here!

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