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Alexa Ilacad is just like any other person — here’s why as seen on her IG

Alexa Ilacad is just like any other person — here’s why as seen on her IG


The Internet, regardless of its benefits and advantages, is a cruel place. Alexa Ilacad’s entry inside the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house, for example, caused several headlines.

In the course of her stay, she reveals that she has body dysmorphia, experiences the supposed issues with her housemates, particularly of one Albie Casiño, and is now facing a conflict with Eian Rances.

This caused huge discussions (and fights, yes) in the online scene, with netizens split into two: the defendants and the critics.

But like any other person, Ilacad shows how humane she is. She has problems and issues which she handles quite well, despite the burdens it causes her.

Of course, it is no easy feat, and we are not romanticizing it — we have our own inner demons, after all. But everything she does and will do is the result of the battles she went through. And that we cannot deny.

Let’s take a closer look at the woman Alexa Ilacad is through her Instagram account.

Her journey to self-love

Most people, if not everyone, really undergoes a stage wherein appreciating one’s self is a challenge. Ilacad is no exception.

Fortunately, she found her footing and slowly took the challenge of understanding and accepting the woman that she is.

In an Instagram post, she stresses how self-love is a “lifetime journey,” and that even though learning how to love herself and the body she has been blessed with is an everyday battle, she is still proud of her progress.

We are, too, Ilacad!

One kiss for one hurt!

For every hurt that she experiences, she kisses them away with a kiss!

Here, Ilacad shares how the “warm glow of the setting sun kiss life’s hurts away.” Truly, the beauty of the setting sun really offers peace of mind and heart, even for a while.

A letter to our future selves…

“Trying to make my future self proud!”

Alexa proudly exclaims that she, with every step she takes with her current self, will make her future self proud.

We wish we have that confidence to keep moving forward as well!

The endgame.

Doesn’t everyone only have one goal in life? All the things we do, regardless of who we are as a person and the opportunities that we have, lead to one thing: we want to be happy.

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And Ilacad is happy — happier than ever, actually.

After everything we have been through, no matter how difficult each process we had and is still having, being happy at the end is what we hope for. The silver lining. The light at the end of a dark tunnel. The one thing we all deserve after having been through so much.

Hearing people achieving this makes you want to scream, “DESERVE!” because they truly do.

A new challenge.

Ilacad embarked on a new challenge in her life: her entry inside the PBB house.

All good things come with some bad, though, and that is the balance of life. But as she faces challenges inside the house, like her fellow housemates, she faces them head-on and takes it all in a stride.

After all, what matters at the end of the day, is that when life presents you with a series of challenges, you stay true to your character and yourself. Just like any sane person would do.

Want to know more about Alexa Ilacad? Scroll through her Instagram account and tune in by watching Pinoy Big Brother!

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