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When content is life, we go for these 13 vloggers

When content is life, we go for these 13 vloggers

Let’s talk about variety! Because, who wants the same thing all day, every day, right? Now that we have a lot of time in our hands, we got to maximize social media like we never have been before. Whenever we’re out of Netflix, because we have the tendency to watch almost everything available there, we go to YouTube for more entertaining videos, care of the country’s best! We turn to these 12 vloggers for extended fun because they’re most watched here for a reason.


Who doesn’t love her? The energy that she gives off is so contagious! In a good way, though. Every upload gets more hilarious than the others. It seems to us that she never runs out of relatable punch lines.

In our opinion, what makes Mimiyuuuh popular is her being human. Even though she’s famous, she always appears as though you’d meet her along the way, or that she’s a friend of yours who lights up the room!

Alex Gonzaga

She, too, grew in vast number of subscribers because of her funny antics and entertaining collaborations with fellow artists and YouTubers. Alex and her sense of humor is well-loved beyond TV!

Badly in need of good vibes? Subscribe to her!

Lloyd Café Cadena

Since the beginning of his vlogging career, we have admired him! He is among the originals in the platform who earned the love and respect of his audience because of his quality content that are not only funny but tackles variety too.

You name it, makeup, cooking tutorials, travel, skits, Lloyd can give you those and more!

Ranz and Niana

These two have the most number of subscribers in this list and we are not surprised at all. Together with their youngest sister Natalia, Ranz and Niana have become quite the dynamic duo of YouTube with their adorable videos together, from pranks to cute surprises!

They have been representing the country in various conventions in the world as they are most-streamed for content that is enjoyed by all age groups!

Pham Swing


This vlogger and influencer have been trusted by many brands because of her jolly personality that is well-appreciated by the netizens! She is the life of the party in many events and she even grew her own fan base already! Kudos!

Erwan Heussaff

Known as The Fat Kid Inside, Erwan have been the go-to for travel and cooking guides by most Filipino viewers because of his easy-to-follow tutorials. It’s a bonus that he is the husband of Anne Curtis, an artist we all stan and love!

Erwan’s videos are well curated and we respect him for that! It’s not all the time we come across a dedicated vlogger like that!

Ivana Alawi

Kapamilya star Ivana sure knows how to set social media on fire! Not just because she’s sexy and beautiful, her personality also radiates among her viewers. Together with her sister Mona, they create relevant and hilarious videos that give us all a good time!


Like Lloyd, we have also watched Baninay grow and improve throughout her years in YouTube She has given us the most entertaining videos of her everyday life! Along with her friends, family, and boyfriend, Baninay showed us that a positive outlook in life can take us to places.

Riva Quenery

Actress and performer Riva have been this generation’s girl friend! Her kikay and charming vibe make all the ladies want to be friends with her. She has the good life and yet still is very down to earth with her lifestyle.

Like Baninay, Riva also has an awesome set of friends, Awra included, and a loving (plus super handsome) boyfriend that keeps her and all the fans on their toes.

Wil Dasovich

Who doesn’t love this guy? When it comes to food, travel, fitness, and gaming, we know the best guy to look up to. And it’s Wil! Alodia and him make the perfect tandem, the right mix of humor and awesomeness that we all love to see online!

Every video is so relatable!

Jai Asuncion & Agassi Ching

Jai and her boyfriend Agassi just make the cutest couple! They make watching more fun with their adorable antics that prove how they love each other. Even in pranks, which their fans always request for and love!


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