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LIST: Local Accessory Brands that you will love

LIST: Local Accessory Brands that you will love

Have you ever felt like there is something missing from your outfit? Maybe a dainty earring or a bracelet? Well, the secret to a perfect outfit is an accessory. It can complete your look and just spice up your outfits a bit more.

Here are some local accessory brands that you will surely love.


This Instagram shop features handmade pearl jewelry. They offer 100% freshwater pearls and non-tarnish locks which are perfect for your next beach trip! Also, they can customize your orders depending on your preference.


Known for its statement accessories, this local brand embodies style and femininity at the same time. If you’re looking for stylish earrings that steal the spotlight, then definitely get yourself a pair of Kaijo Accessories.


Looking for cute and dainty accessories? Check out this local brand which offers hypoallergenic and non-tarnish jewelry that you will certainly love.


This local brand offers non-tarnish jewelry made with sustainably sourced materials at a very affordable price. In addition, their accessories are best for sensitive skin and are beach-friendly. They even have jewelry for men! So, you can consider buying them here as gifts for your friends and family. You can check them out on Instagram and their website.


Solasta, a local accessory brand, sells premium jewelry at an affordable price. Their pieces are also hypoallergenic, and beach friendly. You can find your everyday accessories here. Check them out on Instagram and their website.


Here you can find simple yet elegant accessories to spice up your outfits. Moreover, they have permanent jewelry which is perfect for you and your bestie, mom, or your significant other. Keep an eye on their versatile pieces here.


This rising local brand features a collection of minimalist accessories. Everything is definitely a gem; from their rings and necklaces to their bracelets and earrings.


This local sustainable brand aims to provide affordable tarnish-free jewelry that is ethically made. With their minimalist pieces, you can certainly wear them every day. Also, you won’t regret buying from them because they are long-lasting and really made from quality jewelry. If you want to make every day special, try Pennypairs.

It’s always fun to experiment with different accessories and pair them with your outfits. It gives an accent to the whole look. And definitely make you more stylish.

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