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Bike accessories that technologize your ride

Bike accessories that technologize your ride

If you’re into biking, then you know that the right bike accessories make for a better riding experience. The great thing about bike accessories is you don’t have to be a pro to appreciate them! And, right now, we have a lot to choose from.

Sure, there are common bike accessories that you can use to touch up your bike to make it look cooler or more functional. You have mudguards, racks, headlights, and other parts that you can attach to your bike. But, what takes your ride to the next level are bike gadgets.

Bike gadgets are innovative items that make your riding experience more convenient, pleasurable, and even safer. If you’re really serious about getting into biking as a hobby and as an exercise, then here are some gadgets you can try!

Wireless Bike Computer: The must-have bike accessory

A wireless bike computer is one of the best bike accessories you can add to your bike.
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Bike computers are one of the many examples of bike gadgets that make our biking experience even better. For starters, a bike computer is like a smartwatch, they are small but packed full of features.

Some features a bike computer can provide are to show you routes and act as a satnav, showing you your current speed, distance traveled, elevation profile, and current time. And, there’s more depending on the type of bike computer you get.

Some examples of wireless bike computers are the ones made by Garmin, Bryton, and CatEye. These bike computers are perfect for cyclists, especially for those who love to go on long-distance rides.

Rearview Bike Radar: Your lookout on the road

A rearview bike radar is a helpful bike accessory for making you feel safe on the road.
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If you’ve ever tried riding your bike along a highway then for sure you already experienced the fear induced by passing vehicles that get a little too close. To solve our worries, Garmin provided us with a rearview bike radar. This little bike accessory attaches to the seat post of your bike and alerts you if there are upcoming vehicles behind you.

It pairs directly to your Garmin bike computer or some other third-party apps and devices as well. The way it works is it shows icons on your bike computer if there are any approaching vehicles. It can identify multiple vehicles and show their distance as well.

Smart Tail Light: A very important bike accessory

You thought only cars get to have brake lights huh? Well, bikes can have them too!

A smart tail light is a helpful bike accessory for cyclists who always use their bike to commute.
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You can fit any tail light to your bike and that will make it safer for you whenever you go for a night ride or ride out earlier than sunrise. But, a smart tail light takes it to the next level. Rockbros made a smart tail light that not only functions as a rear light but also as a brake light which lets fellow cyclists or motorists behind you know when you’re going for a stop.

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These are the specs of the smart tail light from RockBros
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It does this by using a highly intelligent sensor chip that correctly detects vibrations and braking action. When you brake, it shows the brightest amount of light it can to act as a brake light. The technology on this bike accessory is also great because it can also sense if you are not using the bike so it shuts down automatically after a given amount of time and turns on automatically when you are on the move again.

ANGi Crash Sensor: An extra layer of protection

This gadget may not go directly on your ride, but it is still worth considering!
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The ANGi crash sensor or Angular and G-Force Indicator is developed by Specialized to serve as an extra layer of protection for the cyclist. Now, this may not go directly on your bike as a bike accessory, but it’s so helpful you might as well give it a try.

This device contains sensors that measure the forces that occur during a bicycle crash and is fitted onto your helmet. In the event of a crash, the device alerts your specified emergency contacts via text or email. It will also send GPS coordinates of your last known location. It does this when you connect the crash sensor to the Specialized Ride app where you set up the device and list all of your emergency contacts.

These are just some examples of modern bike accessories that you can use to make your riding experience safer and smarter. If you are adventurous enough, you will find other items that can further improve your bike.

It’s great that technology has made it far enough to go and improve our hobbies. With the addition of these kinds of bike accessories, our rides are made more reliable, and our trips are made safer. Now, bike gadget accessories like the ones we mentioned might be a bit pricey. But, for all the good that they bring, I say they are worth giving a try.

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