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Here are some minimalist nail design ideas you can try at home


Here are some minimalist nail design ideas you can try at home

Your regular trips to the salon for nail designs and arts might be paused for now. Due to the pandemic situation, some salons might need appointments before you can have your nails done. Isn’t it a hassle? Why not have your own DIY nail art design at your home. The surge of nail ideas and designs keeps popping up left and right on Instagram. It’s time for you to have it in your home.

Although you could spend an hour or two searching up the best and well easy design to replicate, I’ve gathered several ideas just for you. Hence, from plenty of different designs and nail shapes. These ideas have something to offer, from moods to vibes and of course some minimalist design.

Here are some nail design ideas you can copy at your home


If you want some subtle color to match your hands, these two peach nail ideas are perfect for you. Easy to recreate and can also be customized to your tastes and style. Stunningly perfect polish you can try at home.

Instagram | @jtriesnails


Instagram | @nails_bymimi


You know it’s bright when it’s YELLOW. If you opt to have cute yet bright color on your nails. Consider trying out these cute yellow nail design ideas. This will not just brighten your hands but it can also brighten your mood. Have a bright nail and day!

Instagram | @uni_nails

Black and white

Want to try some dark and white combination? Don’t hesitate to try these two nail ideas. Share this minimalist design tp your mom and younger sister. Just don’t mess up the details!

Instagram | @kcity_nails


Instagram | @mela.pazurki


This sophisticated and fresh touch of blue can certainly make your nail fresh. Have some pretty nails in simple yet creative design.

Instagram | @nailsbypaige_1

Nude design

Simple yet pleasing to look at! This nude nail design idea is my favorite. Share these easy ideas with your friends.

Instagram | @nails_bymimi


Instagram | @redcarpetmanicure


Want to try some bold yet muted colors? This coral red shade of red is perfect for your nails.

Instagram | @koreanails03


Orange as a happy color will never go wrong with your nails. Try this creative design and to perfectly fit your day.

Instagram | @premier.gel

Which one will you be trying? Let us know!

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