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Join the craze: Perfect accessories for your aquaflask!

Join the craze: Perfect accessories for your aquaflask!

Aquaflask is one of the newest generational thermal flasks in the market. It can keep both hot and cold in a long duration of time. Additionally, with its double wall insulation it can be free from major damages but beware of scratches and dents! So, your utmost care and protection is really needed with this one. 

Try asking your friends the most effective tumbler today and for sure they’ll reply “aquaflask”. For some, aquaflask is pricey just like other in demand thermal flasks today, but on my personal take — it’s worth the price. This is really what we need today most especially since summer season’s about to begin. So why would be settle for less?

Photo | Kristel Anne Sabater

Accessories perfect for your own aquaflask

Paracord. If you’re fond of bringing your flask with you at work or somewhere else, you really need to have this one. Paracord serves as an easy handle for you to carry your flask. This accessory fits to all flask sizes (14oz, 18oz, 22oz, 32oz, 40oz, 64oz).

Silicon Boot Cap. This product is ideal to avoid any scratches or dents at you flask’ sleeves. It is highly made from BPA-Free Silicone which makes it so easy to clean, take-off and wear. Boot Cap are perfect most especially if your aquaflask is made out of steel. Thus, this comes with two sizes: small (14oz-22oz) and medium (32oz and 40oz).

Aquaflask Lid Cap. There are lots of lid caps created for your aquaflasks at all sizes. They do have straw lids, stainless lid cap and the common sports lid at many different colors depending on your preference. You can actually mix and match colors to make your aquaflask more personalized!

Graphics | Kristel Anne Sabater

Carry Bag. This Aquaflask carry bag or bottle bag lessens your problem when carrying your flask with you. It is a two way carry bag — as hand bag or even as a shoulder bag with an extra zippered pocket for extra storage. It also comes with different designs and aesthethic color.

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Bottle Sticker. This accessory is optional most especially for Aquaflask owners who just like their flask to be neat in appearance. But putting stickers on your thermal flask is a good decision to prevent scratches and dents. Vinyl stickers are good for your flask since it is waterproof. Putting stickers just adds up to the spice and fun in personalizing your Aquaflask!

Personalizing things most especially if its ours have been one the unique trait I can observe today. Sometimes, we even spend money and effort just for it to look good. To some, it has been their habit collecting and doing stuff like this.

If you would love to get these accessories, you can check out Aquaflask Philippines through their own website and other online shopping platforms available in the country. 

Photo Courtesy | Aquaflask Philippines

To make something last with you, you really have to know it’s right protection. So getting your aquaflask these accessories won’t be a big problem. Visit their nearby stores and check now! 

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