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La Mesa Eco Park — a Hidden Sanctuary in Quezon City

La Mesa Eco Park — a Hidden Sanctuary in Quezon City

Want to have a quick escape from pollution and hustle and bustle of city life? La Mesa Eco Park is a perfect place where you can have a rejuvenating experience of nature. Every once in a while, it is important to relax and immerse in blissful peace, and breathtaking scenery. 

Photo courtesy: Eduardo Pardo

Located in Quezon City, Metro Manila, this place was established in 1950. Furthermore, a joint partnership of  ABS-CBN, the Quezon City government, and the MWSS have turned the park into a center for biodiversity conservation.

What’s more, La Mesa Eco Park offers a flourishing natural landscape, an ideal place where you can bond with your friends and family. Spread over an area of around 33 hectares, the park will allow you to enjoy various activities. 

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La Mesa Ecopark Attractions: 

  • Lopez Picnic Grounds
  • Drilon Archidarioum
  • Superferry Boating Lagoon
  • Mountain Bike Trail
  • Shell Flower Terraces
  • Butterly Haven
  • Fishing Lagoon 
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Photo courtesy: nalaathepom

Activities are also interactive, allowing you to touch, feel, smell and breathe the nature experience. Also, other allowed activities are jogging, walking, meditating, picnic, and photo/video shooting.

La Mesa Eco Park is open from 6 AM to 12 NN (Monday-Friday) and 6 AM to 3 PM (Saturday and Sunday). 


  • Picnic Tables
  • Souvenir shops 
  • Comfort rooms
  • Clinic and First Aid Station 
  • Grilling and cooking station
  • Pavilions 


  • Walk-ins will be accepted but with a limit of 700 guests inside.
  • Minimum donation of 50 pesos per head
  • Areas open to visitors: Main access roads, an open-air amphitheater, and a picnic areas
  • Visitors should observe the Minimum health and safety protocols of the Park.

In addition, La Mesa Eco Park can cater to companies conducting team building for their employees. Besides, their pavilions can house hundreds of people, and their facilities are excellent for different activities and purposes.

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La Mesa Eco Park provides nature-based recreational opportunities. Hence, Eco Park is also a great place for students, to broaden their knowledge about nature and have an immersive experience of wildlife and forests. As a result, they will get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the environment. 

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Its true forest experience and enchanting views won’t disappoint you. A journey in Eco Park is also affordable, accessible, and safe for outdoor recreational activities. Above all,  visiting La Mesa Eco Park will surely revitalize your physical and emotional well-being.

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