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Bituin Cove: Hidden Gem in Batangas

Bituin Cove: Hidden Gem in Batangas

People nowadays are constantly looking for a new location, somewhere to relax, snap lots of pictures, and generally get away from their hectic city life. So, if you’re searching for a beach vacation, check out this new favorite beach destination, the BITUIN COVE.

Bituin Cove, also known as Angara Cove. It’s one of the countless pristine sand enclaves on Nasugbu’s shore. The cove lies near Barangay Calayo, which is more than a half-hour drive from Nasugbu. The beach is tree-lined, and the undersea scenery is never lacking. There’s an artificial breakwater, the remains of a helipad, and a diving platform. This is gradually gaining popularity among individuals who enjoy the outdoors and roughing it by camping.

How to Get to Bituin Cove

Once you’re in Barangay Papaya, you need to ride a boat to get there. The boat trip will take 20 to 30 minutes. Most of the locals are offering packages for Php 300 for the back and forth travel of the boat. 

Things to do in Bituin Cove

Fish Feeding. You can request the boatman to bring you to the fish feeding area. Make sure to have your bread to attract more fish!

Cliff diving. If you’re adventurous, you might want to try the 20 feet cliff diving. Just make sure you have your life vest ready before jumping. 

Snorkeling. The underwater beauty is more impressive than the beachscape. If you want a closer look at the abundant marine life, you can even go freediving.

Island Hopping. You can visit the nearby islands like Kayraang Cove and Loren Island. 

Camping. Spend the night in the cove and make the most of it by roughing it. When the sky is clear, go stargazing.

Trekking. To see a full view of the Island, you may try to do a little trekking to appreciate the sea’s beauty and nearby islands. 

Relax. If you are not a fan of adventure, you can relax in the shed, feel the wind and enjoy the view.

Take a lot of photos. The island has a lot of backgrounds perfect for your Instagram post, selfies, and groupies with your squad! Make the most out of the trip by capturing the scenery. 

The cove offers a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. It likewise has clean water and white sand, though it is not powdery. But for the price still, it is worth it!

Bituin Cove Rates

Ecological Fee: Php 20/head

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Entrance Fee: Php 60/head for a day tour and Php 120/head for an overnight stay

Tent Rentals: Ranging from Php 400-600 

Chairs and Tables Rental: Php 300 pesos

Parking Fee: Php 100 for a day tour and Php 200 for an overnight stay

Island Hopping and Activities: Ranging from Php 300-500/head with all inclusion activities (Cove Tour, cliff diving, fish feeding, snorkeling, and island hopping)

Take note of these tips

  • Plan your visit during the weekdays to avoid crowds.
  • The Island has no electricity; make sure your gadgets are fully charged or bring your power bank. 
  • There are no rooms or cottages on the Island, you need to bring your tent, or you can also rent in the store on the Island. Also, you can bring a pillow, blanket, or airbed. 
  • Because this is a secluded island, there are no establishments, so you must carry everything you need, including food and drink.
  • Arrive early so that you can select the best spot for your tent.
  • Make sure to follow the islands’ rules, such as no garbage, no bonfires near the beach, no grilling near the beach, and no loud music or screaming between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • Bring your sunscreen and other important toiletries.

This hidden gem is ideal for getting away from it all: simply relax and enjoy the beauty of Bituin cove. Plan your next trip with your family or barkada!

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