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Rafael Sydiangco’s Outfits Got the Perfect Boyfriend Style

Rafael Sydiangco’s Outfits Got the Perfect Boyfriend Style

Rafael Sydiangco’s fashion sense is a treat. His staple style of wearing neutral outfits and genderless clothes is a fresh sight to see.

Rafael Sydiangco

Photo Credits: Instagram/@rafbeh_

Rafael Sydiangco is a digital creator with over 170 thousand followers on TikTok. He creates PR Content for numerous brands, but most notably, fashion brands. Just fittingly, as he proves himself to be such a sight to see in his neutral outfits. Apart from that, he’s never one to shy away from wearing clothes with a little edge to them. He believes that clothes should be genderless, and he proves that true by not paying attention to whichever section he gets his clothes from. The trend of neutral outfits will never fade anytime soon, and Rafael adds a fresh take to the color scheme by incorporating it into various silhouettes. Thus, creating a current, staple fashion style.

Layering is Key

Yes. The climate is hot, but Rafael Sydiangco shows that layering is still possible. Just wear light colors, and materials. For instance, one or two pieces of clothing are fine. Look at how elevated his outfits look with the right combination of neutrals. Just get your undershirt and wear a polo over it. It will definitely add a sense of luxe to your outfits, just like Rafael’s layered ensembles. Apart from layering, Rafael surely knows how foolproof a monotone look is. His white outfits are a sight to see. The looks are ethereal and fresh. Just watch out for stains! 

High Temperatures? Vests are your friends

Vests are a great way to cool yourself down on a day out in the city. Freeing your arms once in a while is a great choice, especially in the summertime. Check out Rafael Sydiangco’s vest looks. The breezy outfits make sure you look sleek and sexy, consequently remaining comfortable to move around. He surely knows how to dress for the climate going back and forth between his layered, and loose outfits.

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Rafael Sydiangco is your New Style Inspo

Photo Credits: Instagram/@rafbeh_

Rafael Sydiangco is a new face to look at when you need inspiration for your outfits. If you wanna dress to impress, or if you wanna take bomb IG pics, just look into his feed for all the inspiration you’ll need. Maybe you’re looking for a new crush, his looks are definitely boyfriend material.

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