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Kylie Verzosa’s Colorful Beach OOTDs

Kylie Verzosa’s Colorful Beach OOTDs

As a beach person and a summer lover, it’s such a must to have a beach OOTD. Not just your swimsuits or swimwear. A good beach OOTD is essential in every vacation. And as a person who loves being extra for OOTDs for sure, planning and thinking of beach outfits would be easy. Or not? Well, here we have Kylie Verzosa’s colorful beach OOTDs that are a stunner. Because as a beach person herself, her swimsuit is not the only one that’s perfect, her beach outfits are as well! The fun in summer was also in these cute fits!

Kylie Verzosa’s Beach OOTDs

Outfit #1

Looking cute and pretty, Kylie Verzosa poses wearing a blue knitted butterfly top that is absolutely so beautiful and also matches the color of the sky! She’s also wearing a beige sarong skirt that matches the color of the sand. And white sunglasses. So cute!

Outfit #2

Kylie Verzosa in pink will always be top-tier! And girl the dress? This pink dress is so gorgeous just like her! It has a butterfly design, and the cutout is such a chef’s kiss! Plus it’s backless! She accessorized it with some shell necklaces, bracelets, brown sunglasses, and a cute white bag.

Outfit #3

She never fails to play with colors. Because this outfit is so adorable! Just like her smile that really stuns! The red top is a swimsuit, and it looks so good on her. But her skirt is a stunner! It’s a rainbow color skirt, that hugs her body and is perfect for summer and the beach. She accessorizes it with a shell necklace, sunglasses, and a knitted bag.

Outfit #4

This outfit is a very island-girl vibe. Well, she is indeed an island girl. Wearing a bikini, an orange see-through cover-up, and a white knitted sarong skirt. Her hair completed the whole look because its waves is so perfect. This is the hair that I imagined when I think of a look of an island girl. So beautiful!

Outfit #5

Alright, this outfit reminds me of Mugler, but in a summer and beach style. And this yellow fit hugs her body so well! I’ve never seen anyone wear this kind of fit on a beach, and Kylie Verzosa absolutely nailed it! She’s so sexy and sultry!

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Okay, now away from all of those body-hugging outfits, Kylie Verzosa looks so serene in her white dress. Her vibe matches the calmness and peacefulness of the ocean. She looks like a goddess.

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