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Asian Customs That Westerners May Find Odd

Asian Customs That Westerners May Find Odd

Asia is home to a wide variety of civilizations, customs, religions, languages, and foods. We can all connect to some modern Asian cultural practices, but visitors from other regions of the world may find them strange and peculiar. On this page, we listed some of the Asian customs that Westerners may find odd. 

No tipping

In most Asian countries, tipping is allowed but not required. You can have your hair cut, have your body massaged, and eat your favorite food without tipping the staff. However, tipping is strictly not allowed in Japan. In certain circumstances, it may even be viewed as impolite and disrespectful. Rather than giving cash to the waiters, the majority of Japanese restaurants ask patrons to pay at the cashier. However, this is about people doing their jobs with pride rather than expecting a tip. You will likely experience some of the best services in the world here.

Asian customs that Westerners may find odd
Waitress Picking Up Her Tip

Slurping sound when eating

Slurping sound when eating is considered to be totally polite. In Japan and China, slurping your food or noodles is a sign that you enjoyed your meal. This is also a signal that the chef did a great job in preparing the dish. Meanwhile, in South Korea and the Philippines, it’s rude to chew and slurp your food soundly, just like Westerners.

Asian customs that Westerners may find odd

Drinking tea after a meal

Tea is deep-rooted in some Asian countries, especially in the Eastern part. The most well-known benefit of drinking hot tea is that the heat destroys the bacteria that make the water safe to drink.

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Asian customs that Westerners may find odd

Drinking alcohol etiquette

Pouring your own drink from a communal bottle that has been served to you during a meal is considered impolite. In many Asian countries, it is viewed as avaricious and rude. You should wait for someone else to pour the drink for you at the table. If you insist on refilling your drink, make sure to fill the low-filled cups first, then yours. If you are having dinner with older people, this is extremely crucial.

Asian customs that Westerners may find odd
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