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Summer, Laureen, and how layering at the beach works

Summer, Laureen, and how layering at the beach works

As a known fashion and travel blogger in the Philippines, there’s no mistaking Laureen Uy’s exquisite taste and style. And since the summer season is waving, we’ve decided to round up a handful of Laureen’s elevated beach fashion. And nope, it won’t scream ‘skin is in’ because this time around, we’ll be exploring layers!

I know layering isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when talking about summer, but that’s exactly why it’s such a good option! Read on, and let’s look at how Laureen made layers work at the beach!

Think loose and drapey

You certainly wouldn’t want anything clinging on to your skin (except your swimwear, of course) so opt for layering something a size or two bigger than you.

Take Laureen’s stunning print-on-print fit for example. Since her suit is fitted enough (again, as it should), she opted for an oversized polo. It adds a good amount of coverage, is stylish, and it’s not clinging to you!

Or if you’re not a big fan of prints and colors, this option works well with the classic black-and-white ensemble, too. Your call!

Nothing too dark

Especially at the beach where we tend to soak up the scorching sun’s heat, you’d definitely want to stay away from dark-colored clothing.

Love the pastel vibe Laureen and her friends are sporting in this photo! Because going for light-colored clothing will not only make you look radiant, you’ll be saving your skin from absorbing too much heat, too. Talk about style and practicality, ammirite?

‘Nothing too dark’ doesn’t mean white though. There’s nothing like a pop of color at the beach, and you can do that too! Just look at how good this shade of orange is on Laureen – looking fresh and still feeling cool, indeed.

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Light and airy

The temperature’s warm enough so adding clothing in light fabric (like chiffon and linen) will add a bit of character to your fit without the added heat.

In this fit, Laureen is sporting exactly that! Look closely. Not only is she wearing loose-fitting, light-colored layers, but the fabric of it’s breathable, too. That way, you can look more fashionable in your photos without worrying about sweating too much.

Light and airy doesn’t mean you have to ditch the long sleeves either. Just make sure to choose one with the right fabric and take it from Laureen – grab one that’s easy to take off!

I know you’re excited about that trip to the beach so what are you waiting for, go grab some bikini and let the layering begin! Which one’s your fave? Let us know!

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