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Keep it chic and classic with Saikou Studios’ Luna collection!

Keep it chic and classic with Saikou Studios’ Luna collection!

There is a reason why fashion enthusiasts like me call the ’90s one of my favorite decades for fashion evolution. Simply, we can’t get enough of the then-style icons like rocking their flared pants and baby tees with chokers (Obviously!).
But hold your breath cause the latest ’90s trend to make a comeback has our hearts… Saikou Studios!

Introducing Saikou Studios’ new collection of shoulder bags!

Saikou Studios is heavily inspired by the love to dress up for special occasions like chillnumans, date nights, lunch catch-ups with our friends, etc. They wanted to build a brand that represents all these memorable times that we experience. Also realize that the reason why we dress up for these events is that, we want to make the most of these happy moments in our lives. 

They thought of developing bags and cardholders. Although accessories are not the “main” show, they always elevate one’s outfit and can bring it all together

Easy on the eye, approachable fashion, emitting love and friendship – inspired by the best times in life

Their collection comes in 5 different colors to choose from! Sky, 2 am S’mores, Candy, and finally Cloud. One can literally enjoy flaunting their Luna bags since each color corresponds to a certain mood that we wish to exude for the day or night.

In addition, made from vegan leather with an adjustable strap, so you can wear it as a shoulder or crossbody bag

From their collection, one can feel the fun and unique designs that can make you feel special and put together in any outfit they can wear.

Above all, the products are also locally handmade by their suppliers, ensuring quality products while also supporting our local artisans.

Be ready for any situation and always have your essentials on hand with the Tyche 💸 cardholder!

Made from the brand’s production’s scrap material to make sure nothing goes to waste. The cardholder might be small but mighty so that you can easily carry the essentials.

What’s next for Saikou Studios?

We hope to grow our product line in the future with more original designs for bags and accessories. The research and planning takes a while, but we hope that in the future, we can also develop more versatile and functional designs that everyone can love and use to further style their outfits every day!

Grab yours Now!

These bags are certainly a go-to-bag for all events, for individuals who want to serve and slay that is perfect for your OOTD. Now, what are all of you folks sitting tight for? You should visit their Instagram account to arrange an order by clicking here!

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