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Enjoy Samal for a day via island hopping

Enjoy Samal for a day via island hopping

Experience Davao’s Island Garden City of Samal in the best way possible! Whether it be alone, with your friends, and/or with family, a one-day tour of Samal’s beautiful islands and beaches is the vacation you need.

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

Enjoy Samal for a day via island hopping

From Sta. Ana wharf, travel on a bangka to swim above the corals of Talikod and Dayam islands, walk on the sand bars of Samal, and finally, make a wish on their Wishing Island. Every place is scenic and perfect for a summer OOTD!

How to avail

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

There are a lot of travel and tour businesses advertising packages of Samal island hopping at different rates online, especially on Facebook. Finding the cheapest rate depends on the number of people you plan to be with and if you are going to bring your own food or not. The rates for solo go as low as PHP 600 to PHP 1,000. However, going alone means you have to share a bangka with another group.

The bangka can accommodate from 25 to 50 passengers. Hence, I recommend going with a group that big. It also saves you the awkwardness of having to spend a whole day with strangers if that is something you do not prefer.


In most travel packages for Samal island hopping, they cover the following:

  • Bangka with bathroom
  • Life vest
  • Tour guide
  • Entrance fees paid
  • Docking fees paid
  • Environmental fees paid
  • Bangka entry fees paid
Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

You can also get lunch for an additional fee or bring your own. In the bangka, they also provide snorkeling face gear for a whole day’s rent at PHP 150. The life vests are free to use since there are areas that are too deep for some people.

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The best of Samal in a day

Photo Credits | Reimeline Jasil Sayson

Every stopping point we went to were so clean that I could see the bottom of where I swam. Some stopping areas are so deep that there is barely anything you could see, even the ocean floor. Renting the snorkeling gear was worth it as it magnifies what you see underwater, giving you a good look of every ocean creature there is. Truly, this is the best experience of Samal I ever had as of late.

See for yourself what made Samal known as the largest resort city in the Philippines! Scheduling is only between 8 AM and 4 PM.

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