Cop these Super Cute Mini Tote Bags from Blanc Nue

Blanc Nue is a local brand that has the cutest canvas and vegan leather bag designs. All made locally, of course.


Get into the Tiny Bag Trend with Blanc Nue

Blanc Nue has a variety of designs to choose from. They have leather, canvas, and also PVC bags in their shop. What makes them super appealing is their staple tiny totes that act more like an accessory rather than a bag. Either way, what’s not to love? The bags are made with various colors to choose from, to add, their beautiful canvas material just gives the best texture and form to the designs.

For the Utilitarian Guys and Gals

For those who like bags that can fit a lot more, Blanc Nue also has the sleekest cross-body bag available. Their Leon Bags are perfect for those always on the go or the people that just have a lot of essentials for the day. The Leon Bag comes in two materials. There is the Canvas version and the leather version. The Leon Canvas is only available in its signature white canvas, whilst the Leon Leather has a variety of colors such as Nude, Tan, Black, and White. Blanc Nue’s bag design is sharp and sleek, perfect for your minimalist OOTDs. Plus, they can carry a lot. Sturdy, yet fashionable, perfect for those going out and about in the city. 

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More Styles for Every Outfit

Blanc Nue still has more styles apart from the two. Mostly a variety of tiny bags that can be worn together like holsters for your small items. Plus the colors are just so beautiful. The shades of pastel perfectly add a pop to your outfits. The colors available are easy to style, hence making your outfits elevated when you have one of Blanc Nue’s pieces along with it.

Blanc Nue is available online, so now’s the time to get that new bag for your minimalist outfits.

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