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Kathryn Bernardo shares message of self-love in birthday post, celebrates with Daniel Padilla and close friends

Kathryn Bernardo shares message of self-love in birthday post, celebrates with Daniel Padilla and close friends

Radiating in her natural beauty, Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo posted her birthday post underlining her message of self-love on Instagram today, March 26.

More than the lengthy post, she also flaunted her daring shoot, matching her message as she celebrates her body. She stressed that she learned to “fully embrace in her journey to self-love.”

“As I turn 26, I celebrate everything that made me who I am today. I celebrate my body, which I’ve learned to fully embrace in my journey to self-love.” 

Moreover, she acknowledged the people who helped her develop and the people who made her stronger.

“I celebrate the people who helped me grow—those who love me and continue to make life worth living, and those who don’t but continue to make me stronger and more resilient.”

The actress also emphasized the celebration of courage, joy, challenges, and voice that have helped her become the person she is today.

“I celebrate courage, being vulnerable, and the choice to stand up no matter what life throws at me. I celebrate joy, finding happiness in the simplest things, and laughing at the silliest jokes.”

In addition to her impactful post, she celebrates the challenges and struggles that ultimately shaped her to become a better person. And lastly, she acknowledged her fearless voice, wherein she stood up for the things she believes in.

Celebration with Daniel Padilla and close friends

Meanwhile, hairstylist John Valle posted some photos from Kathryn’s private birthday celebration. In a post, Kathryn and Daniel were seen gazing at the sunset.

One of his posts also captured Kathryn relishing the sand and waves of the beach.

In another post, Daniel handed his girlfriend a cake for her birthday during dinner.

Furthermore, the couple will star in ABS-CBN’s upcoming series “2 Good 2 Be True.”

ABS-CBN released a teaser earlier this month that showed Kathryn and Daniel’s characters, Alisson and Elorde, crossing paths at a hotel.

Happy birthday, Kathryn! May your year be filled with loads of fun, excitement, and beautiful memories. 

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