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Kathryn Bernardo seen using THIS on her recent Instagram Story

Kathryn Bernardo seen using THIS on her recent Instagram Story

Cameras become one of the major selling points for modern-day smartphones. As a result, a lot of brands try to cram in as many megapixels as possible to lure consumers and photography enthusiasts. Recently, we come across phones that have 48MP and 64MP cameras. 2021 came and the limelight shone upon 108MP sensors. 

108MP seems to become a flagship spec for most smartphone brands.

Just for background information, a camera consists of a sensor that captures light to create photos. These sensors become divided into millions of pixels to capture light individually. Then, it makes up for each pixel. The 108-megapixel camera’s larger pixel count allows it to capture more information. 

Aside from that, it also underlines the large sensor size’s ability in capturing very good details even in menial lighting conditions. A higher MP count means the output presents on a bigger canvas without dropping on quality. And, the 108MP clearly boasts a fairly large pixel resolution. So, maybe… numbers translate to a good result. 

Even prime actress Kathryn Bernardo was seen using a 108MP camera phone on her recent Instagram Story. 

Recently, leading smart technology brand realme announced Kathryn Bernardo as their first-ever celebrity ambassador. Together, they aim to promote the realme Tech Life digital experience among young Filipino hustlers today. In an earlier report, realme revealed that this year will feature the launch of an exciting line-up of powerful campaigns. 

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Set to amplify the pivotal role of a capable smartphone in the digital age, the brand collaborates with the actress to gear up to maintain the momentum as the country’s number 1 smartphone brand. Does this mean realme sets to release a smartphone with a 108MP?

You’ll just have to wait and see! Stay updated. And, don’t hesitate to look for more information through realme’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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