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It’s Christmas szn! 6 Ways to Wear RED, As Seen on Celebrities

It’s Christmas szn! 6 Ways to Wear RED, As Seen on Celebrities

The color red has traditionally been associated with Christmas. Santa’s outfit, poinsettias, and gift wraps are just a few examples of red Christmas items. Apparently, there is also a need to wear red during this time of year. If you don’t know how to pull off this hue, we’ve got you covered with six ways to wear red inspired by celebrities’ fashion looks.

6 Ways to Wear RED, As Seen on Celebrities:

1. Dress

Wearing a dress is the easiest way to wear the color red. Because red is already a striking shade, you may want to choose a dress with less embellishments, like this lovely dress worn by Emilia Clarke in the movie “Me Before You.” For an elegant Christmas appearance, don’t forget to put on a red lipstick.

Photo | Me Before You (2016)

2. Skirt

If a dress seems too formal, you might opt for a red ensemble that is more on the relaxed side. Skirts are great for creating adorable, feminine outfits. Match a red flowy skirt with striped long sleeves to get this look from Taylor Swift.

Photo | Just Jared

3. Sweater

Christmas season calls for comfy sweaters! Bella Hadid paired her red sweater with tattered denim to create an edgy red ensemble. The chunky belt is a good choice because it adds a bit of depth to the fit and draws attention to her shape.

Photo | Pinterest

4. With Denim

Who said you can’t wear double denim on Christmas? Well, you can make your denim-on-denim ensemble appear Christmassy by putting on a red inner garment. Finish it off with a pair of red boots like Gigi Hadid.

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Photo | Pinterest

5. Blazer

Put on a tailored red blazer to elevate your black outfit. Hailey Bieber’s clothing idea is definitely an expensively stylish Christmas look.

Photo | Pinterest

6. Pants

Red pants are not ideal for everyday wear. But since it’s Christmas szn, you have an excuse to wear one. Bella Hadid wore a graphic tee with red slim fit pants and nailed the perfect street style.

Photo | JosiahWPhotos

How would you like to wear the color RED? Let us know!

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