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INSTAGRAM RAID: Joseph Quinn is on Instagram!

INSTAGRAM RAID: Joseph Quinn is on Instagram!

Joseph Quinn is one of the new actors who joined the cast of Stranger Things in Season 4. He played the character of Eddie Munson. Quinn played the electric guitarist in his band Corroded Coffin and was the leader of Hawkins High School’s official D&D club, Hellfire Club.

Nine weeks from today Quinn joined Instagram. Now the actor has 7 million followers. In this Instagram raid, we are invading the actor’s posts on his newly created account. Here’s what the actors have posted so far:

His first Instagram post.

In Quinn’s first Instagram post, he posted a picture of his character, Eddie Munson. It has now approximately 1.9M likes. In his post, he said “Hey Stangers.”

The first video he posted on his Instagram.

He also posted a video of him transforming into his character. Fans were surprised that the actor, Quinn, has short hair. Well obviously Eddie’s hair is a wig, but as a fan, I also think that long hair suits Quinn.

Photos of him and his co-stars.

In this post, you can see the actor together with his co-stars in Stranger Things. His character has harmonized well with the original characters. Surely people have loved his character, Eddie, but I also think that Joseph is just as adorable as his character, and fans loved him too! Good thing he made an Instagram account, right?

Promoting Vol. 2 of Stranger Things Season 4

In the release of the second volume of Stranger Things Season 4, Quinn posted a picture of himself in formal attire. Together in his post put the caption Volume two, baby. Volume two. The post gained 4M likes. It was his recent post and the actor did not post since then.

His appearance in the show was truly a great moment in a television series. Fans have loved Eddie Munson. Although his appearance might have been short, his character was well executed and acted.

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