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INSTAGRAM RAID: Red Velvet’s JOY in every color of the rainbow

INSTAGRAM RAID: Red Velvet’s JOY in every color of the rainbow

A member of the girl group Red Velvet and one of Korea’s biggest stars, Joy, also known as Park Soo-young, has nabbed our attention in a number of ways.

If you are one of her Instagram followers, then you’re a witness to her diversified fashion style. Evidently, Joy has a whimsical sense of style; she can easily attune from a highly sophisticated look to a very cutesy outfit.

Aside from her incredibly fashionable style, her endearing personality shows that she is indeed the epitome of joy. Everywhere she goes and whatever she does, her cheerfulness and positive demeanor are noticeable. That’s why even non-fans fall in love with her the moment they first lay their eyes on her.

In 2017, Joy quickly trended as the ‘girl in the rainbow dress’ after their comeback performance in SBS Inkigayo, a Sunday music show. It happened as a result of a netizen’s fascination with Joy, who was performing while clad in a dazzling rainbow-colored dress. Because the netizen knew nothing about K-Pop, she referred to Joy as the “K-Pop girl in the rainbow dress.”

Photo | SBS Inkigayo

She definitely owned this rainbow-colored outfit!

On top of that, she can also pull off every color in the rainbow. Joy hasn’t ceased gracing us with her colorful clothing selections ever since she joined Instagram.

Now, let’s be mesmerized by Joy’s outfits in every color imaginable.


Peek-a-boo! Joy looked absolutely fresh in red! For the filming of their Peek-a-boo music video in 2017, she wore a scarf-pleated dress from Johnny Hates Jazz.


For the February 2022 cover of Cosmopolitan Korea, Joy sported a Tod’s windbreaker. ICYDK, she is an ambassador of Tod’s, a luxury Italian brand. This highlights how her charisma transcends not just in Korea but even in Europe!


That’s our Queendom! Like a queen bee, Joy wore a yellow plaid cami dress from Omighty for Red Velvet’s performance of Queendom in a South Korean music show. It was Red Velvet’s much-awaited comeback after a nearly two-year group hiatus.


Another one from Tod’s, Joy’s OOTD for a radio interview is a green resin-coated cotton caban with a belted waist and peaked lapels.


What a beaut! Joy dons a mesmerizing blue knit mini dress by self-portrait at the press conference of her group’s latest album, “The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm.”


Indigo is found between blue and violet in the colors of the rainbow. In this casual ensemble, Joy paired an indigo-colored knit top with a denim mini-skirt. She’s wearing a Ralph Lauren slim-fit cable cropped polo shirt and a skirt from Miu Miu.

Her background looks cute, right? Well, that’s the studio of TV Animal Farm, a Korean TV program that she recently began hosting.


Did you know that in addition to singing, dancing, and hosting, Joy can also act? This gal seems to have a limitless collection of abilities. In addition to her K-Pop career, she also has had an active acting career since 2017! These Instagram pictures were actually snapped on her drama filming set. She looked stunning in this flamboyant poodle jacket from JINJIN ISLAND.

Ravishing in R-O-Y-G-B-I-V, Joy manifests her power to be among Korea’s fashion icons!

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