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INSTAGRAM RAID: Unearthing Kyline Alcantara’s Travel Photos


INSTAGRAM RAID: Unearthing Kyline Alcantara’s Travel Photos

After tons and tons of work, you may find yourself seeking solace amid the hustle and bustle. Despite her busy schedules, Kyline Alcantara takes time to bond with her family and friends on a nature trip.

But with all the wonderful tourist destinations we have, it would be difficult not to brag any of those in our social media accounts. With that, let’s take a dive into Kyline Alcantara’s Instagram feed and explore her beauty and nature in one! 

A “cone” hat to complete the look

Seeing this majestic glimpse of Mount Mayon, surely you wouldn’t help but savor the moment just like Alcantara does. Born in Ocampo, Camarines Sur, she accompanies the photo with her own native dialect.

“[H]abo mag pahiling ni daragang magayon,” the caption reads, which translates to “the beautiful maiden doesn’t want to show up” in English. She refers to the heroine, Daragang Magayon, who appears in the Philippine legend of the mountain.

Pareho kamo duwa magayon, Kyline!

A crystal clear charm

Imagine, seeing the painted sky and hearing the waves from the pale blue sea, just reading it would bring a smile to your face. What more if you’re able to witness them?

Last Christmas day, Alcantara shared photos of herself enjoying the feeling of the sea as seen on the plastered smile on her face. 

An “aquaholic” indeed!

The very own Binibining Alcantara

Adding to the breathtaking beauty of the scenery, the 19-year old actress blends well with her updo hairstyle, white silk dress, and a woven basket — just like a lady straight out of a painting.

Vlogger and wedding photographer Alberto Nicolas even described her as “dalagang [P]ilipina” in his comment in the IG post.

A ray of sunshine

In a bed of radiant sunflowers, Alcantara still manages to bloom as she candidly flaunts her left-cheek dimple. Aside from that, her straw hat can’t seem to hide her bright smile!

This is maybe because she has undeniable chemistry with this flower as she also named her fans “Sunflowers.”

On top of her game

Of course, we can’t leave out her very first hiking experience! Clad in a white jacket, stretchy tights, and a bucket hat — seems that she understood the assignment as she prepared to admire the view she was ought to see.

“Thank you God for letting me and my friends experience the beauty of your creation,” she wrote in her caption.

As you swipe the carousel, you’ll get to see how she and her companions took their feet forward, rain or shine!

But besides her admiring pictures, what we can witness in her Instagram feed are the photos she took herself. Catching a glimpse of her interest in taking photographs.

Photo courtesy: Instagram | @itskylinealcantara

Can’t get enough of her photos and trips? There’s so much more to see that it’s hard to pick a few, so just visit her Instagram account to feed your eyes!

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