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Zack Tabudlo releases comical MV for ‘Simula Palang Nung Una’ starring Albert Nicolas and Empoy

Zack Tabudlo releases comical MV for ‘Simula Palang Nung Una’ starring Albert Nicolas and Empoy

Zack Tabudlo MV-FI

Filipino singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo just released a comical music video for ‘Simula Palang Nung Una’ starring comedians Albert Nicolas and Empoy.

Zack Tabudlo is known for his viral song ‘Binibini’ along with his other singles like ‘Nangangamba’. Currently, the R&B artist has three million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Two weeks ago, Tabudlo dropped the ‘Elizabeth’ MV featuring Kapuso actress Cassy Legaspi. Once again, the R&B artist has outdone himself with a new music video that launched on November 25.

In less than 24 hours, the official MV on YouTube gained 160K views. Directed by Miko Livelo, the story follows a friendship breakup and reconciliation.

Behind the ‘Simula Palang Nung Una’ MV

Days before the release, Tabudlo teased a wrestling match-themed poster featuring Albert Nicolas and Empoy. In the caption, he wrote, “We’ve got something different for u this time!!”

‘Simula Palang Nung Una’ is one of the underrated tracks in his double-platinum award album ‘Episode’. In this tenth track, the song talks about pining for someone.

In a Facebook post, Tabudlo claimed that they went with a comedic route. Still, they had actress Adrianna So to play the role of an attractive lady that stole Albert’s heart in the MV.

In the five-minute music video, Tabudlo acts as a referee while the comedians dubbed Buko Bros, portray a pair of wrestlers with genuine camaraderie.

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Zack Tabudlo as the referee
Empoy and Albert Nicolas as Buko Bros

While they count on each other for the most part, Buko Bro Albert becomes infatuated with a girl and leaves his buddy after a wrestling match. As he went on a date with her, he relives the moments with his pal and ends up joining him again in the wrestling ring. 

Although the song sounds like it is a one-sided love, it can also allude to moments where you have a fallout with your friend.

As always, Tabudlo does not disappoint. We can’t wait to see what he does next for his other tracks!

Meanwhile, you should listen to his album ‘Episode’ on Spotify.

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