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VP/Cover: Kyline and Mavy, Authenticity Translated Offscreen

VP/Cover: Kyline and Mavy, Authenticity Translated Offscreen

Numerous onscreen pairings have made our hearts flutter and let us feel the presence of butterflies in our stomachs. However, they seem to be short-lived as these on-air partners have also come and gone. The question is, what makes a great love team? The answer to that is simple…


So, turns out we’ve had a chat with a pairing that feels real. A love team that perfectly communicates with their audience as the chemistry between them also effortlessly translates offscreen.

Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi have known each other for three years and they started off as friends. This means that they have been acquainted with each other’s family for quite some time now.

The two have worked with each other for the first time in I Left My Heart in Sorsogon in which they play Tiffany and Sebastian—a girl from the city and a Sorsogon native, respectively.

This is also the first television series of Mavy, brother of Cassy Legaspi, and son of Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi. Yes, a very talented family.

Mavy and Kyline have been romantically linked together because they have been close for a while now. In fact, in an episode of Mars Pa More, a show on GMA Network, Carmina was asked if she approves if ever the two end up dating.

The actress didn’t hesitate, even for a second. She abruptly answered “yes,” then proceeded to say that they really are friends for a long time, and not just with each other, but also with Mavy’s twin sister, Cassy. It is clear that she genuinely approves.

We all know how important it is for our potential darlings to be close to our family because sooner or later, she will be a part of it.

Mavy detailed how confident he is with Kyline’s relationship with his parents.

“Before anything else, my Mom knows that Kyline and I are very close together with my sister, Cassy. Kyline is also no stranger to my Mom and Dad because they both worked with Kyline in a teleserye back then so they’re very familiar with Kyline.”

The young actor followed it up with how Carmina and Zoren were witnesses to the growth of Kyline. He even seized the opportunity to praise the young actress and how he thinks she embodies the girl, parents want for their kids.

“Those teleseryes were years apart kaya nakikita naman nila ‘yung growth niya as an artist and as a person. To be honest, with the person she is today, kahit sinong magulang diyan, will definitely allow their kid to date someone like Kyline.”

Mavy even shared how strict Carmina is when it comes to him but still approves of his blooming relationship with Kyline.

“When it comes to my Mom, alam mo naman, she’s stricter when it comes to me but as you can see… So far, so good! I guess she sees something in Kyline… I wonder.”

Kyline herself, on the other hand, was very shy when asked about how Carmina thinks she is an ideal girl for her son. It is evident that she is flattered yet so bashful to even give an answer.

“Well, of course, I’m glad to know that. But, you know, even though ‘approved’ na or something, we still have to take it slow and get to really, like really know each other. We’re not in a rush naman.”

When it comes to revealing what they love or even dislike about each other, these lovebirds (I know, I know, onscreen) are not reserved in the slightest.

“What I love most about Kyline is her dedication to her craft. I love how she is so passionate about everything—whether it’s work or things outside of it. She always goes the extra mile when it comes to her career, family, friends, and loved ones.”

Mavy on what he loves about Kyline

“The fact that he’s always there. If you guys only knew how much I pushed him away. That’s a whole new story to tell soon!”

Kyline on what he loves about Mavy

That last bit about Kyline pushing Mavy away is a little intriguing but let them tell their story when they’re ready.

On the other hand, if there really are things they dislike the most about each other, (despite the fact that they obviously adore each other) what are they?

“I hate how she is so annoyingly cute.”

Mavy’s short yet very ‘kilig’-inducing answer to what he dislikes the most about Kyline

The young actress on the other hand didn’t hold back on revealing what trait she hasn’t quite grasped yet with Mavy.

“He’s quite talkative and he doesn’t finish his sentences agad. So, sometimes it ends up with a very wrong statement or something. We always debate about things, kasi even though he agrees with me, he will always says ‘no’ and then eventually he will say, ‘oh yeah you’re right.'”

“Meaning, hahaba lang ‘yung discussion! (laughs) And personally, I’m the type of person na gusto ko straight to the point, wala nang paligoy-ligoy pa. But, then again, that’s his personality, so I just gotta live with it then.”

Kyline detailing her frustration with how Mavy tends to beat around the bush. This comment is very cute, tbh.

With their cute and seemingly wonderful relationship (again, I know, onscreen and as friends), we can’t help but wonder how they maintain this.

Celebrity couples have gone through a rough patch these past few months. When asked why do they think this is the case, they gave their honest answers.

“Each of them has their very own reason/s. I respect their privacy and their very own decisions. I’m focused on my life, God, my career, my family, my loved ones, and of course my relationship with Kyline… Or you could say, my special type of friendship with her (nervously laughs).”

Mavy on the falling out of the relationships of celebrities these past few months

“Well, I have my theories, maybe there’s something about the pandemic that makes people rethink things or decisions that they’ve made. However, in my case, I have no idea talaga eh.”

Kyline on the same matter

Now we’re wondering, what makes their ‘special’ relationship (Mavy called it that, not me) different from those Celebrities? Mavy and Kyline bared everything with their answer.

“Everyone has their own type of relationship. So yes, our relationship is different from theirs. We have our very own story. We’ve been through a lot in the past 3 years and I can honestly say that is what makes our relationship and connection so special and deep.”

Mavy on the difference of their relationship with other celebrities

The boy-next-door even mentioned another healthy thing about their relationship. It’s that they learn about each other every day, which a lot of people don’t know is one of the key factors to a healthy bond.

“Although we may be close, the story doesn’t end there. We never want to stop learning about one another and I believe that’s what makes everything such an adventure. An amazing one indeed.

“Through time, people change for better or for worse, habits may change. You may have new interests and that is why we never want to ever stop getting to know one another. We want to know what’s inside that mind and heart of ours.”

Mavy on never stopping to learn about Kyline

Kyline, on the other hand, highlighted their difference with other onscreen pairings. Of course, she cited how they started off as friends and have known each other before working together as artists.

“For me, super important lang ng foundation ng relationship n’yo. Our relationship started as real friends off cam eh. Like, hindi kami friends dahil pinag-pair kami or something.”

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Kyline on her relationship with Mavy

Career-wise, the two were also candid upon doing projects together. They opened up about wanting to experiment and further honing their craft with each other.

“Well, with I Left My Heart In Sorsogon the genre or theme of the show is Romance-Comedy so I’d like to try doing a Drama type of series with her.”

Mavy on the type of project she wants to do with Kyline

Interestingly, Kyline wanted to do something a little bit different from what they recently did together, or what love teams usually do, in that matter.

“…maybe, like an action type of project.”

Kyline on doing an action-packed series or movie with Mavy.

And just like a cherry on top, the beautiful pair left a message not only to their fans but to all the people who wish to have a healthy relationship.

We have read how they proved the authenticity of the wonderful ‘thing’ they have created together. Now, they impart us with some knowledge.

“Take it easy and take your time. Don’t be afraid to love yourself first before loving others. No one is rushing you, so take a deep breath and live life. Don’t rush the process because great things take time.”

The young leading man continued by reiterating the fact to take things slow. He emphasized the need to fully know every inch of the person you’re planning to build a castle with.

“Good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience, and two people who truly want to be together. Take your time to get to know the person, the bad, the good, and eventually the beautiful relationship you seek will arrive at your doorstep.

“All I can say is, the 3 years of ups and downs were worth it. Nothing comes easy, it was painful but you can’t have a little sunshine without a little rain. Don’t be afraid to take the extra step and don’t be afraid to make mistakes… just don’t repeat them. Loving is great. Love is beautiful. But love starts with you.”

Mavy’s advice to the people craving for a beautiful relationship

Finally, Kyline expressed the importance of having communication with God.

“Just listen to God. Have a quiet time with God and just talk to Him. Ask Him, ask Him about everything. He may not answer immediately, but for sure, he will give you the answer to any of your questions in life. He’s always, always. Just open the door for Him into your life.”

Kyline’s advice to her fans who craves for a healthy relationship

It is nice to know the ins and outs and ups and downs of a relationship. Especially those we see onscreen, with them being the standard we look at when it comes to our own personal love bonds.

With Mavy and Kyline, we got to know that besides the beautiful image and idea that we formulate ourselves inside our heads, it’s important to know the authenticity of what we’re trying to create with someone. Because sometimes, building something beautiful takes a little bit of time.

Publisher | Richie de Quina & Gwynn Crisostomo
Editor-in-Chief | John Luke Chica
Senior Editor | Rapha Garcia
PR & Advertising Manager |  Josh Austria
Digital Manager | Allen Esteban
Words by Rapha Garcia

Producer | Josh Austria
Creative Director | Jan Jet Francyz Bolado
Set Design Joey Peria Aguilar

Photographer | Rap Yu
Assisted by | Daniel Gosmo
Grooming and makeup | Nikki Doque
Kyline and Mavy Hair  | Russel Rudolfh Gonzaga
Kyline Stylist  | Sharmaine Ann Tanael and Claire Fernando of Qurator Studio
Mavy Stylist  | Riri Verano and Jem Jem Arboleda of Styled by Cath

Special Thanks to Chester Jan Singian, Felix Ilaya, GMA Artist Center, Hallyu Secret, Tea Ni Juan and Jacko’s Burger

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