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INSTAGRAM RAID: Miss International Queen 2022 Fuschia Ravena radiates queen energy

INSTAGRAM RAID: Miss International Queen 2022 Fuschia Ravena radiates queen energy

Just in case you didn’t know and lived under a rock, Fuschia Anne Ravena recently received the title of Miss International Queen 2022. She became the third Filipina to take home the title. In 2012, Kevin Balot received the tilte while Trixia Maristela had the crown in 2015. During the coronation night last Saturday, June 25, she bested 22 other candidates in the competition. Fuschia succeeded Mexico’s Valentina Fluchaire. 

INSTAGRAM RAID: Miss International Queen 2022 Fuschia Ravena radiates queen energy

Fuschia shows off her figure

Posted on October 2021, she looked so confidently beautiful with an opened oversized blazer and Calvin Klein undies. 

Garel Sison photographed this beautiful woman, wearing a tangerine cutout bodysuit. 

He also photographed her in a purple ethereal dress, flying around her and framing her radiant frame. 

She also looked doll-like in another Garel Sison photograph with an adorable cat accompanying her shoot. 

Fuschia and her effortless beauty

This photo looked as if it took so much effort as she had her upper body filled with glitter. She was also adorned with floral ornaments in her hair. 

Another one of Garel Sison’s art, Fuschia looked magnificent with an old Hollywood glam look. 

Fuschia radiating queen energy, with or without a crown

Preparing for one of the best nights in her life, she shared this photo on March 7 this year. She looked like royalty even without the crown on her head. 

Although blurry, she also looked ethereal wearing a a chiffon cape off her shoulders with a neutral bikini underneath. 

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With almost a bare face, Fuschia smiles with happiness and positivity. Her smile became the most beautiful curve she had that day. With the crown adorning her head, she definitely radiate queen energy. 

An LGBTQ+ icon

As an LGBTQ+ icon, Fuschia celebrates Pride, sending out a message of freedom, acceptance, and equality. She gives us a reminder of how far we’ve come and how the community still have a long way to go. Definitely a queen, she sports an oversized rainbow flah behind her.  

Miss International Queen 2022

Representing the Philippines, Fuschia would wear intricate otufits that fits perfectly and that shows off her impressive figure. 

Probably the most beautiful she ever looked, Fuschia looked absolutely relaxed. With no make-up on, she looks at the crown that she worked so hard for. 

Congratulations, Fuschia Anne Ravena for winning the Miss International Queen 2022. You deserve the crown!

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