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INSTAGRAM RAID: Kelsey Merritt Beach Pose in Palawan

INSTAGRAM RAID: Kelsey Merritt Beach Pose in Palawan

Kelsey Merritt shows off her hotter than the weather poses while enjoying her vacation in Palawan.

Do you have plans to go to a beach? Still thinking of how to flex your swimsuit attire? You might want to check the Instagram posts of Kelsey to get an idea!

After a few years, Kelsey decided to spend her summer vacation in the Philippines. Her first appearance on screen was when she was invited to be a guest host on Showtime. Audiences became interested in her right away and followed her social media.

Her Instagram account is @kelseymerritt.

Side Angle of Kelsey Merritt

Kelsey Merritt never disappoints whenever she’s posting pictures of her going places. She knows she is beautiful and she knows how to play with her best angle.

The side profile is screaming gorgeousness. Flexing her well-defined jaw, pointed nose, and plumped lips by looking upward while closing her eyes to feel the moment.

She shows off her long legs by leaning on a tree and bending her left foot a little bit. Slightly bend the body forward to achieve the sexy side look and big booty. Holding her coconut juice gracefully to add an extra.

Not Looking at the Camera

The model body that Kelsey Merritt has is literally jaw-dropping. To emphasize her curves and abs, she sat straight on the side of the boat while holding the rope in one hand.

Of course, don’t forget to look at your left/right, to show off your best angle. Of course, not too much. Just enough to make your nose look pointed. And do not smile, make it fierce to look powerful.

This pose will surely make you look curvy and empowered.

Bring that Sexy Back

If you are shy to face the camera, you can opt to turn your back instead. Just like what Kelsey Merritt did, you can flex your sexy back.

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To achieve it, find a thing to lean on just like Kelsey lean on a tree. One foot forward and bend the other to make your back look curvy and it will emphasize your butt to make it look big. Raising your hand, or holding your hair adds sexiness to your shoulder.

Turn your head sideways a little bit to make sure the camera captures the tip of your nose. Also, your mouth should be half-open to make your lips look thick.

A True Filipina

Even after moving to the US, Kelsey Merritt never forgets that she is a Filipina.

During her stay on Showtime as a guest host, she speaks in Filipino and made sure she connects with her audience. People loved to see her look and how she dressed up every time she showed on Showtime.  

The comments that she gave to the participants became remarkable and people loved her even more. The right choice of words, and the respect while talking sophisticatedly shows her Filipina side.

Follow Kelsey on Instagram to get an idea on how to pose on your beach trip to make it look instagrammable!

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