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Here are the Filipino celebrity couples who broke up in 2021

Here are the Filipino celebrity couples who broke up in 2021

Everyone speaks this universal language. Usually used with immense emotions and sentiments… Love. However, this year might prove feng shui actually works. And, that’s not good news. If you search for this year’s prediction according to feng shui, it had implied breakups among those who remain in a relationship. Many of our celebrity couples remain stronger than ever. But, sadly, others have started to fall apart.

Here are the celebrity couples who broke up in 2021:

Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica

Recently, the couple’s split was confirmed by Kylie’s father, Robin Padilla. She, then, broke her silence and asked for respect regarding the separation from her husband, Aljur. In an interview with GMA News, Kylie stated that their family has gone through the “process of recovering, healing, and moving on” in the past few months. She also shared that their two sons Alas Joaquin and Axl Romeo have a hard time dealing with the situation they have as a family. Then, she added that she and Aljur currently work in a co-parental setup. 

Instagram | @kylienicolepadilla

Jennica Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco

Jennica Garcia confirmed her separation with husband Alwyn Uytingco in May this year. In the exclusive interview with GMA News, she shares that “from a family-of-four, we are now a family-of-three.” Shen, then, declined the reason behind their split. She also admitted that due to financial problems she decided to come back again in the world of showbiz after 8 years of hiatus.

Instagram | @alwynzky

Rabiya Mateo and Niel Salvacion

In early June, Niel Salvacion confirmed the break up of him and Miss Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo. Niel shared on his Instagram story that he and Rabiya have broken up. He also said that they had started to move forward. The rumors of their breakup started when netizens observed the deleted pictures of the couple on his Instagram account. They spent their relationship for seven years.

Instagram | @neilow

Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette

The former Pinoy Big Brother couple split in the first month of the year. In his Instagram post, Andre announced that they have a mutual separation. The two were in a long-distance relationship at the end of 2020 when Andre went back to Hawaii. The two assure their fans that they still care for each other and would remain friends.

Instagram | @louyanong

This article was published on Tuesday, July 20, 2021. 

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