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Top 5 Must-Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Seo Joon

Top 5 Must-Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Seo Joon

No one can deny that Park Seo Joon is one of the ideal leading men we all wished to have in our lives. He has a lot of Korean series, dramas, and movies that we can binge watch on various streaming platforms. He has a charming aura, charismatic personality, and a unique sense of humor that makes people call him the Master of Korean Romantic Comedy.

For a little bit of context, he started his entertainment debut way back in 2011. He had his first appearance in a music video of Bang Yong-guk’s single, I Remember. Then, he later had his debut film Perfect Game. He also had his first television exposure through KBS’ Dream High 2.

Ever since then, he has received different projects and his career has become successful. He portrays unique characters. Of course, this includes a self-centered chairman, a hardworking martial artist, and a determined bar owner among others.

Can’t get enough of his talent and bewitched by his charm of looks? Check the top 5 dramas of him that you shouldn’t miss. Below, are his most popular Korean drama that you can watch on Netflix and Viu.

Top 5 Must-Watch K-Dramas Starring Park Seo Joon

1. She Was Pretty (2015)

The story revolves around Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) and Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon). As a child, she had always received compliments of being cute and pretty. However, as she grows up, she becomes unattractive. Meanwhile, the opposite happens to him. As a child, he had always received insults of being overweight. Then, he transforms into a handsome and successful man.

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2. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016)

The story revolves around the elite group of young men called ‘Hwarang.’ Amidst the social turmoil in the Silla Kingdom, their joined forces creates friendship, love, and sacrifice. Starring Park Seo Joon and Go Ara as the main lead characters, this remains one of the most wonderful historical drama where you can learn a few life lessons here and there.


3. Fight for My Way (2017)

Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon), a former taekwondo player dreams of becoming a mixed martial arts fighter. However, due to some reasons he leaves the world of sports and pursues a different job. Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won) her female lead longs to be an announcer. However, her lack of education hinders her to be one. The longtime best friends are unhappy and stuck in their everyday grind, along with their other two best friends. Basically, it revolves around how far will you go to pursue your dreams.


4. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)

It’s a romantic comedy about a narcissistic vice-chairman (Park Seo Joon) who has a devoted secretary (Park Min Young). Everything was going his way until he learns that his long-time secretary decides to quit her job. You will surely love the chemistry of the lead character and adapt the iconic ‘aura’ of PSJ.


5. Itaewon Class (2020)

Unlike other dramas, Park Seo Joon plays a different character here.. He’s much more serious as he plays an ex-convict who opens a street bar in Itaewon. At the same time, he seeks revenge to the family who remains responsible for his father’s death. This is an excellent drama for me. Especially, with the  great characters and probably the drama that has one of the best original sound tracks.


Let me know which one you like best! 

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