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10 down 3 more to go to complete SEVENTEEN Instagram accounts

10 down 3 more to go to complete SEVENTEEN Instagram accounts

SEVENTEEN’s very own Jeon Wonwoo finally created his own Instagram account!

Aside from their official Instagram account, members of the K-pop group SEVENTEEN have started to create their own. Jeon Wonwoo followed after nine of his fellow members. Of course, this includes S. Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, DK, Seungkwan, and Vernon.

The8 created his personal account last February 17, 2018, making him the first member to have the social media app. 

During the same year, Minyu, Seungkwan, Joshua, and Vernon also launched their public accounts. Then, in 2019, Woozi and S.coups made theirs. DK and Jeonghan also made their accounts this year. Wonwoo also became the latest member with an official public account. As of this writing, only three of the members have yet to come out with their pubic accounts: Jun, Hoshi, and Dino.

Wonwoo created the account last July 17, 2021, after going live on the VLive app for his birthday celebration with CARAT. 

He posted his first-ever Instagram photo with the caption, “☀.”


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A post shared by Wonwoo (@everyone_woo)

Other members commented on the post like Seungkwan, Scoups, and DK.

Seungkwan- I really like your (Instagram) ID👏

S.coups- Follow …?❤

DK- Happy Birthday Jeon Wonwoo~❤

SEVENTEEN Wonwoo's IG post

10 down, 3 more to go! Fans have started to anticipate who will be the next member to make their account. They continue to stay tune to SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter account, containing the notice and the hashtag #coming_up_next. Fans also started to tweet, speculating about which of the three will finally create an account.

Fans of K-pop boy ground SEVENTEEN expressed their overflowing excitement with the thought of 13/13 members having a public account on Instagram. They will surely treat every fan’s feed with boyfriend material shots and aegyo pics. Plus, hilarity will surely ensue in each member’s comments section.

So, who do you think will be the next to create their Instagram account? Will it be our Tiger Hoshi? Sailor Moon Junhui? Or is it SEVENTEEN’s Maknae Dino? Place your bet CARATs.

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