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From ‘Indie Sleaze’ to ‘Balletcore’: 2022 trend predictions according to TikTok forecasters

From ‘Indie Sleaze’ to ‘Balletcore’: 2022 trend predictions according to TikTok forecasters


Every year, fashion forecasters analyze data to see what will be trending for the year. Trend forecasts help predict the direction the industry would go to.

This year is no different.

There are renowned fashion forecasters out there, such as Heuritech, WGSN, Fashion Snoops, and Trendzoom, and subscribing to them is definitely worth every penny, yes. Unfortunately, not all people can afford them. This is where TikTok trend forecasters come in and fill in the gaps, creating a name in the trend forecasting business.

From Indie Sleaze to Balletcore, there is a lot to look forward to in the fashion scene this year. Take a look at these trend predictions for 2022 according to TikTok trend forecasters!


First on the list is Balletcore. It is the muted-colored fashion trend of tulle skirts, wrap cardigans, and ballet flats: words that definitely shout glam and comfort!

@purewow The @nycballet would not agree with my wannabe makeshift ballerina move though 😂 Skirt rented from @shopnuuly. #springfashiontrends #balletcore ♬ Bach unaccompanied cello suite “Prelude” – Jianteng

It combines comfort and pretty in a whole new sense.

One does not have to rely on the old leotards for this trend. The use of basics can add a twist to this century-old aesthetic, giving it a fresh approach for the year 2022!

Indie Sleaze

As it turned out, the hipster trend has not died yet! It merely changed its name to the Indie Sleaze, the second on the list. This trend was the talk of the town from 2004 to 2015, and its revival will bring about the return of creepers, denim, and lamé.

@oldloserinbrooklyn Trend forecast: indie sleaze revival #trendcycle #nostalgia #tumblrfashion #indiekid ♬ Sex and the City (Main Theme) – TV Sounds Unlimited

To give context, a 24-year-old video editor from Greece named Ilia Espialidi defined indie sleaze as “very vague” but also “super-specific.”

“It’s American Apparel ads, flash photography, Urban Outfitters, Ed Banger records, Nylon magazine, and Myspace,” she added.

Hyper Gen Z

Tiktok forecasters also predict the return of ’90s vintage, Japanese aesthetics, and turn-of-the-millennium screen-printing techniques that are referred to as Hyper Gen Z.

@pierrahh reposting this cause @realamaarae ♬ SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY – Remix – Amaarae & Kali Uchis

Die, Cry, Hate

Fourth on the list is Die, Cry, Hate.

“Die, Cry, Hate” is the opposite of “Live, Laugh, Love.”

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@thedigifairy Reply to @rebimacrae the cheugy to cool girl pipeline ⛷ #cheugy#emmachamberlain#devonleecarlson#christiangirlautumn#flaredleggings#cheugymillenial ♬ ACOUSTIC HARP – James Madsen

According to a statement by Jane Macfarlane, art director at The Digital Fairy, it is the combination of the ‘cheugy’ style’ and ‘cursedcore’.

It is an opportunity for a generation who “want to mash up the mainstream.”

The New Space Age

The last trend on the list can be summed up with three words: innovation, future, and space.

New Space Age is an odd mix between “original disco era and the space age, evolving silhouettes, textures, glitter, and colors that create futuristic looks.”

@thealgorythm Are we about to enter a new space age? Let me know your thoughts 👇🏼 Free report in bio #trendresearch #fashiontrends #lyst #sponsored ♬ CHANCES (INSTRUMENTAL) – KAYTRANADA

A clear example of a pioneer of this trend is Dua Lipa. To be specific, her looks during her Future Nostalgia era scream future and space!

Looking forward to an aesthetic? Tell us all about it below in the comments!

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