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4 Fashion Trends That Perfectly Describes “The Gen Z Style”

4 Fashion Trends That Perfectly Describes “The Gen Z Style”

Every generation has a certain pizazz about them. Older generations had cool fashion trends and a few not-so-cool trends. Currently, Gen Z rules every trend out there. Known as the social justice-oriented digital generation, we have tons of influences when it comes to fashion trends. We don’t feel afraid showing off our style – from ripped jeans to unisex clothing items. Everything in this list would be considered as gender-neutral. Although pictures will show off a feminine perspective, masculine people can also wear these trends. 

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For Gen Z, gender has gone out of style. Whoever said that biology defines who you are and how you should act? Every clothing is a gender-neutral piece – especially if you’re not a pussy about it. Less than 50% of teenagers identify as straight nowadays. Females wear suits and males wear skirts. So, a lot of them look to embrace freedom in art and fashion. The new rule of fashion? Nothing. You can wear whatever you want, wherever and whenever you want to. 

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4 Fashion Trends That Perfectly Describes “The Gen Z Style”

Baggy Jeans

 In an earlier report, I wrote about Gen Z labelling skinny jeans as uncool and uncomfortable. The denim styles at the moment move away from slick silhouettes to more relaxed and voluminous. Baggy jeans have a cool factor to them that makes everything feel fresh but chill. Of course, this would include the simplest wardrobe basics, t-shirts, hoodies, blazers, and everything else in your closet. It becomes an ideal look when you’re doing lowkey stuff like hanging at home, taking a stroll, or going to the grocery store. 

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Athleisure became one of the biggest trends among Gen Z consumers. Aside from its functionality, it feels very casual and adds a sexy twist in comfortable clothing. Think about tech-infused outfits – yoga pants with sleek patterns and a similar-hued sports bra used as a top. Or you can go for a matching hoodie and sweatpants combo! These always look good enough for both the gym… and even for the office. Believe it or not, you can wear this pairing to the office. Just throw on a black (preferrably, leather) blazer over it and a pair of sneakers or heels. Then, voila! 

Photo from Emma Chamberlain | Instagram

Cropped Cardigans

Most of my life, every time I’ve though about cardigans, I would be reminded of my 12-year-old self looking like my grandmother during the Christmas reunions. Cardigans used to have an old-woman feel to them. Now, they’ve become a perfect transition to warm weather, or to pair with shorts for a chillier night during this summer. They’ve also become risquè. You can now clasp only one button on your cardigan with either nothing or a matching bra underneath.  

Photo from Olivia Rouyre | Instagram

Platform Boots

Perfect to wear when stepping over your enemies, lug-soled shoes became a trend for this generation. With Gen z growing up with fashionable dolls wearing chunky boots, loafers, and platforms, it may have become an influence to everyone today. It looks good with absolutely everything. Pair the combat boots with your matching athleisure set! Juxtapose a feminine cardigan with a pair of combat boots! It’s versatile and perfect for every aesthetic that currently exist – e-girl, cottagecore, and academia among others.

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So, basically, Gen Z loves comfort – especially at a time like this. Which one is your favorite Gen Z fashion trend? Let us know!

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