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FOLA offers limitless possibilities: The Emergence of a Health Empire

FOLA offers limitless possibilities: The Emergence of a Health Empire

Entrepreneurs founded FOLA Global Inc., a revolutionary and sustainable multi-level marketing Filipino company founded by Entrepreneurs David Lui and Jerwin Operio. It also has a vision of creating a community full of leaders and entrepreneurs sharing the opportunity of good health, financial freedom, and advantageous lives globally.

The Emergence of a Health Empire

The company distributes high-quality science-based health products. Of course, this will lead to creating a rewarding financial opportunity for independent associates, shareholders, and employees. FOLA Global Inc., on the other hand, lives up with the mission of making a positive impact on students, housewives, employees, OFWs, and the unemployed — without limitation.


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FOLA offers limitless possibilities towards the world of everyone’s dream. 

Meanwhile, the brand remains the corporate image of the company as a whole. Fola Global also continuously expands multi-level marketing company that serves a wide range of products. Of course, this would include overall wellness, heart health, skin health, and more. The company became one of the top distributors of these products in the Philippines, under its laws and regulations. FOLA, then, remains a company full of ambition and desire to be free from everything that sets them behind.

Just like you, they also remain goal-driven and persistent. The goal of the company would be to become an eye-opener to people regarding entrepreneurial mindset. They do this by producing a sustainable and profitable company. Your plans would start with the big picture you have been thinking: FOLA can help you prepare for it. Also, it generates an environment of great services and products that will lead them to the top spot of MLM companies in the world.

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