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Fine-Dining Restaurants To Check Out For Fancy Dinners

Fine-Dining Restaurants To Check Out For Fancy Dinners

Having a fine-dining experience is every foodie’s dream. And, whether you have extra money to spare, want to celebrate important events, or just trying to live a fancy life – we’ve got you covered! Choosing the right fine-dining restaurant to maximize your experience can take time and effort.

With that said, here is a list of fine-dining restaurants around the Metro that is definitely worth every penny spent!

Spiral at Sofitel Plaza Manila

Sofitel’s flagship restaurant, Spiral, has been making rounds on social media for its amazing ambiance and wide selection of dishes. Spiral’s most unique point is its 21 dining ateliers. Here, artisans masterfully prepare secret recipes and cuisines from different parts of the world right before the guest’s eyes!

Photo | Spiral Manila

Its decorated interiors also add to the overall luxurious experience. Considering that Sofitel is an ambassador of modern French style, it is no surprise that Spiral also dons the same class all over, featuring a high ceiling, a grand circular staircase, and a small fountain to complete the style.

China Blue by Jereme Leung

Fine-dining experience does not have to include cuisines that one is unfamiliar with. Located in Conrad Hotel Manila, China Blue by Jereme Leung vows to give guests a luxurious and enjoyable experience right in the middle of the bustling city.

Photo | World Luxury Restaurant Awards

This restaurant allows customers to enjoy the comfort of Chinese food enriched with a modern twist. Similarly, its gorgeous interior adds to the delightful experience, especially its glass walls that feature the magnificent stretch of Manila Bay.

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Located at the heart of the finance city of Makati is Raffles Makati, which houses the famous fine-dining restaurant, Mirèio. Serving a variety of Provençal-inspired cuisines, this French brasserie is sure to provide a grand experience to its patrons.

Photo | Mirèio at Raffles Makati

Headed by its resident French chef de cuisine Nicolas Cegretin, guests are sure to taste authentic and freshly-made French-Mediterranean dishes. This restaurant showcases a casual ambiance and is decorated with the familiar white linens of a brasserie. When visiting Mirèio, make sure to ask about the legend of its namesake; it will surely add to the overall dining experience!

Fine-dining restaurants are not a daily deal for most of us, but having a guide to know which are worth your money surely helps. So, if you are planning to do something special or just want to have an “I deserve this” moment, consider the mentioned restaurants, and you are sure in for a good time!

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