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Top 3 Buffet Spots in the Metro this Ber-Months Season

Top 3 Buffet Spots in the Metro this Ber-Months Season

Who does not love buffets? Imagine having a full-course meal experience at an unlimited pace. For just a fixed amount of price, you can now have the full buffet experience you have never felt before. As the ber-months are now upon us, here are some top buffet spots in the Metro you do not want to miss.

Vikings Buffet Experience

On the grounds of Manila stand one of the most well-known buffet spots in the capital. Vikings, located at various spots on the map, offer a wide array of cuisines on their buffet menu. The cuisine they offer includes Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Italian dishes. The dishes served to depend on the time of the day. 

Vikings is a guaranteed perfect spot for any family feast this Christmas season. So if you are planning to have a luxury buffet experience around the Metro, this place got your back. Just make sure to have an empty stomach before going to a buffet spot.

Photo | Vikings


If you are looking for an affordable buffet experience this ber-months season, look no further. Buffet101 also serves a wide array of choices for a much more affordable price. Much like Vikings, Buffet101 also serves Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western Culture cuisines. 

Buffet101 can be located across the map of Metro Manila with different branches along the area. Just be sure to come to the buffet spot as early as you can to enjoy all dishes available there. Western dishes will surely hit the spot for you. You can enjoy unlimited french fries as long as you can eat it all up. 

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Photo | Buffet101

Sambo Kojin

It may be a biased pick but, I highly recommend trying Sambo Kojin buffet restaurant if you can. This place for me is a perfect spot for a family feast during the cold ber-months season. Sambo Kojin serves Korean and Japanese dishes that will satisfy the inner Asian in you. 

The buffet restaurant also serves premium meat cuts like the Christmas staple Lechon and Roast Beef. Aside from the premium cuts, the restaurant also offers authentic Asian dishes fit for you. They serve sushi, sashimi, bibimbap, beef stew, chap chai, and many more. If you are looking for an Asian-inspired feast this upcoming Christmas season, Sambo Kojin certainly is the place to go. 

Photo | Sambo Kojin
Christmas in the Philippines signifies the time for families to once again reunite as one whole pack. What better way to encapsulate the whole Filipino Christmas experience than with a feast? Try out these three perfect buffet spots in the Metro this ber-months season!
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