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The superpower that should be legalized

The superpower that should be legalized

Have you ever dreamed of flying against the long traffic in the metro? Or, did you wish you had the superpower to solve your problems on a daily basis? Thus, the truth is that superpowers may not come with certainty.

But, some are lucky to have superb skills above the billions of humans on the planet.

In this world, there are extreme cases of people having rare capabilities. Some are highly flexible, some are incredibly strong, and some have unique brains. And so even if they have this tendency, they are highly feared by many.

The superpower that should be legalized

Throughout history, we have seen how scientists have dominated the track of the future with fantastic creations aimed at solving impossible problems. We all have benefited from them, which is simply a great superpower. And, this superpower might be far from the movies, but it is a real skill to nurture.

Despite their numerous recognitions, these geniuses, as we call them, have not received enough support. They are only recognized for their contributions, and it is unfortunate to see them suffer. Thus, whatever skill they have or superpower is just rare and incredibly underrated.

To help these people with particular tendencies, authorities must provide laws to protect them. They should be allowed to live the lives they want without being used as a piece of machinery for the rest of the world. Thus, they should be given the tools they need to aid them in achieving the goals that they want to attain.

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So, how do we hone our gifts?

Science regards those with an Intelligence Quotient of 140 and above as geniuses. But, as we know, not every genius desires to have this talent. Despite that, this is not the only basis for excelling at something.

Unduly, intelligence is a superpower and a mere gift for everyone. But Intelligence Quotient does not define our capabilities. Even if we don’t have a scientific factor to prove our knowledge, our skills prove that we are worthy. And as we age, we have a long life to improve our status.

A superpower based on comic books is acquired via training. They teach us something, but we can also use them in real life. And so government must enact policies to support everyone, especially since some superheroes are just sleeping giants hidden in towns. We don’t know how they will change history to make Earth a better place, whether they are yet recognized or forever hidden.

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