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Celebrate Biodiversity at National Museum’s New Exhibition!

Celebrate Biodiversity at National Museum’s New Exhibition!

On Sunday, the National Museum of the Phillippine announced a new exhibition, featuring the artworks of the endemic and native species of animals on May 24, 2022. 

This new exhibition is in partnership with the Philippine Botanical Art Society (PhilBAS) and Philippine Fauna Art Society (PhilFAS). 

Photo courtesy: National Museum of the Philippines

Moreover, the National Museum of Natural History has 12 permanent galleries that exhibit geological and biological diversity. In fact, the museum showcases the botanical, geological, and zoological specimens to represent the unique natural history of the country.

Above all, the museum holds valuable information and preserves artifacts that are great for learning and raising awareness of natural history. Indeed, your knowledge of the past and how it shaped the current society will be enriched.

Save the dates!

In celebration of Biodiversity day and National heritage month, the exhibition entitled “ The Philippine Flora and Fauna Art Exhibition” will be open to the public from May 25 up to September 25, 2022. 

By coming to the exhibition, you will discover the Philippines’ rich biodiversity and the mesmerizing flora and fauna.

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Photo courtesy: National Museum of the Philippines

Biodiversity is no doubt “the living fabric” of our planet. All of the species or organisms that make up the ecosystem are important to sustain the life of our planet. 

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This goes without saying, the complexity of our environment and the resources we get from it makes the world fascinating to live in.

Why celebrate biodiversity? 

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Celebrating biodiversity upholds the importance of protecting plants, animals, and microorganisms and the great diversity of the ecosystem. With this in mind, we should have a symbiotic relationship with our environment. Hence, each of us should be knowledgeable and adept at preserving and protecting it by visiting the museum.

So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends and family to the National Museum of Natural History to know more about biodiversity and the different types of endemic species in the Philippines.

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