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Comfort food you should try during the rainy season

Comfort food you should try during the rainy season

Go get your favorite pajama, sweater, and comforter, because it is officially ‘that’ time of the month! On Wednesday, May 18, Pagasa declared that the rainy season would begin. A season where you could enjoy wearing your thick clothes and a hot coffee.

But do you know what’s more anticipated during this time? A warm and delicious food!

Join me as I share with you amazing food that can give you comfort like no other— something that you will enjoy in the rainy season.

Let’s begin with…

1. Sopas

A Filipino top-tier comfort food. All you need to have are evaporated milk, pasta, carrots, cabbage, chicken, and hotdog, then you are all set. You will enjoy the milky irresistible soup as you continue doing productive stuff. 

2. Lomi

I know we all missed eating Lomi. But before the super hot sunny weather lately, we haven’t had this since December. Now, make sure that you will taste the deliciously sticky noodles soap with a chicharron, meat, and egg on top!

But the ingredients are not limited to that. With its rich, flavorful soup that comes in either seafood or pork flavors, Lomi is indeed a bowl of happiness. You may get adventurous as you try different toppings and cooking styles. 

3. Bulalo

If you have high cholesterol, you may want to say no to this. But if you don’t have one, savor your life by sipping the Bulalo bone, or what others called Bone Marrow Soup. 

Usually, people even visit Tagaytay just to taste this during the rainy season. They will also meet the cool fog on your way while enjoying the Taal volcano view. 

Bulalo is served with a soup that has a tasty flavor and is made with tender beef shanks and bone marrow, as well as vegetables like corn, potato, cabbage, and more.

Thus, you have to make sure that you bring your tissue or hanky to wipe off the sweat as you finish the soup.

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4. Champorado

But, if you have a tight budget and can’t go to Tagaytay for Bulalo and other delicious soups, Champorado can do the satisfying—the—rainy—season—cravings. 

It’s like one of the top-tier dishes during the rainy season. You only need rice, tablea, sugar, and milk that either be powdered or evaporated. Others even add a Milo, sugar, dilis, tuyo, or anything that is based on their preferences. 

5. Lugaw

Then or now, Lugaw is still, and will always be essential. You may relish this with egg, chicharon, chicken, pork, calamansi, or simply have every topping available. The more toppings the tastier it will be. 

Every Filipino household has Lugaw during the rainy season. It’s a classic dish because its ingredients are affordable for everyone. As long as you have water and rice, you can make a lugaw out of it. 

Sopas, Lomi, Bulalo, Champorado, and Lugaw are only a few of the comfort foods you can try during the rainy season. You may also want to try Pares, sinigang, and tinola. 

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