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My Favorite Songs From One Direction’s Midnight Memories Album

My Favorite Songs From One Direction’s Midnight Memories Album

One Direction captivated the world like no other when it debuted in the music industry in July 2010. The boyband was formed on The X-Factor in July 2010. They accomplished more in five years than most bands do throughout their whole careers. They published five albums and sold more than 6.49 million copies in America alone. Since then, they have grown to be one of the most adored boy bands in history.

Midnight Memories became the best-selling album worldwide in 2013 according to statistics provided by the British Phonographic Industry. Personally, this one represents the peak of the band. The album combines the alternative sound along with the hard-hitting pop songs’ rock influence. And, to be honest, this article is just an excuse for me to miss them even more.

My Favorite Songs From One Direction’s Midnight Memories Album

Through the Dark

This song always brings nostalgia to me! The folk vibe to this song gets me the very first time I heard it. Not only that, but it has pop and rock elements present in the song that makes it thrilling to listen to. It feels like this song came out of a somber movie. The lyrics depict a man seeking to support a loved one who is suffering from sadness and emotional distress.

Little White Lies

You would be surprised if I told you that this song can literally make your head bop! The song has EDM and dubstep influences that you don’t know you needed in a 1D song. It stands out from the album’s rock-influenced tunes. Although lyrically speaking, the song has generated controversy because it seems to be advocating sexual coercion. However, if you like blast beats and energetic songs, you wouldn’t even notice the lyrics. 

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Imagine if someone told you, “You make me strong”? We know it would be very romantic. The predominant hard rock influence on this song complements not only the title but also the lyrics. With the constant drum kicks, low bass guitar, and the boys’ heavenly voices, this song will make you vibe with its catchy chorus.

Give these three a listen and let us know which songs you like best.

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