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Zoom in, zoom out: Advantages of a self-shoot studio

Zoom in, zoom out: Advantages of a self-shoot studio

Uploading pictures on our social media pages is now the easiest way to let people know you’re still kicking. Selfies are the easiest to post because all you need is a camera, some strategically placed light, and yourself. However, setting up and creating the photo can take out the fun of taking pictures.

The thought of getting professionally done photos conveniently seems impossible, right? Well, self-shoot studios are here to save the day. If you want to level up your pictures, why not try a self-shoot studio to get fresh pics to post on your feed as soon as you leave?

Photoshoot fun in a self-shoot studio

Posing in front of a person you hardly know can be very intimidating. Add the pressure of finding a good studio with the right equipment (within a reasonable budget!), a dream photoshoot can quickly turn into a nightmare.

Self-shoot studios take all the pressure away from a photoshoot’s technicalities to maximize the experience’s fun. They operate similarly to a professional studio but you get to take your pictures, hence its name. All you need is a free hour and a nice outfit to produce K-drama-worthy pictures!

Budget-friendly and quality photos

A self-shoot studio can deliver the results you want fast. Professionally done photos for a deadline or an event you want to celebrate are more than possible in a self-shoot studio. You can also select and get your pictures successfully edited within the day.

When my family and I went to Studio Seoul in Marikina, we got our pictures within the day. It was surprisingly convenient to have physical copies of our pictures in an hour and our digital copies that followed a few hours later.

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Self-shoot studios are everywhere in the metro

There are a lot of self-shoot studios operating here in the city. You can easily base where you’re going to get your pictures on which city you live in. Atomm Studios in Quezon City was the first studio that started the trend here in the country. If you’re around Makati, there’s Stills Studio, and if you’re living in Las Piñas, Ilumina Studios has its doors open for you! Each self-shoot studio offers a unique package and experience, so be sure to research and check out each of their websites to see which of their offers works the best for you!

Posting photos has never been this easy. Whether you’re camera-shy or photoshoot-curious, self-shoot studios make taking pictures easier and more fun on a whole new level.

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