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Black Supremacy: Is Black Actually Good for Your House?

Black Supremacy: Is Black Actually Good for Your House?

Black is beautiful in all aspects. It highlights more vibrant colors in its surroundings. The color black also represents many meanings behind its tones. However, have you ever thought of using the black color palette in your own house? After reading the pros and cons of the color black, maybe you will reconsider using it in your home.

Color Enhancer

As we all know it, the color black gives that subtle and dark atmosphere in our surroundings. It possesses a strong and powerful vision for anyone who sees it. However, did you know that the color black is a good foil for the color green? 

For gardeners, the color black is a perfect color to highlight your whole garden and plants. In a park or against natural surroundings, the facades of black houses will recede and focus attention instead on green foliage. This would allow the eyes to have better distinctions amongst different shades of green. With that, the yellow-green colored and blue-green colored leaves will be more visible to the naked eye.

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Black Space

Color black could have been a bizarre choice for your own bedroom. However, some color experts have revealed that darker color benefits stretch beyond its space-enhancing qualities. This means a small room can look and feel wider with a darker tone. 

Aside from making small rooms look bigger, some psychologists suggest that black-colored bedrooms will make you feel more grounded. It will also help a person to have better sleep at night. However, it should be noted that it must be used with caution. 

In sleeping, we want it to be dark, cool, and calm. Immediately you would think of the color black as a perfect suit to it to further amplify the darkness and coolness around us when we sleep. But, alongside the calmness and cooling effect of a darker shade is the negative emotions of sadness and mystery. Therefore, it is important to negate the negatives while benefiting from their positive effects. 

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High Maintenance Color

The color black may have a lot of benefits aesthetically and mentally. But, using this color in our house may also result in a few consequences. As we know, the darker shade is a high-maintenance color to use for your chosen house. 

The black paint wears out fastest due to its natural color which absorbs much higher heat than other lighter shades. Also, with using the color black paint in your house, any kind of crease, spots, holes, or any broken parts will be highly visible and noticeable. Lastly, as mentioned earlier, the black color absorbs more heat. Thus, it will result in a much warmer temperature inside of your house especially if you are living in a hot place like the Philippines. 

Everyone is free to modify and enhance their houses depending on their own preferences and likings. Aside from the color black, there are still a wide array of colors that can be used for your own house. Try it out in your own house now!
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