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Very Filipino: Things you may find in a classic Pinoy home

Very Filipino: Things you may find in a classic Pinoy home

Have you entered a house and thought the house was very “Filipino”? It is impressive that most Pinoy homes have the same vibe and customs that they follow. These are when you notice at some other home, you’d say “this house is very Filipino.”

Here are some things you will find at a classic Pinoy home that you would not find anywhere else.

Footwear around the floor mat just outside the door.

This is the first thing you will notice at a classic Pinoy home. Shoes, slippers from outside, and other footwear are not allowed inside the house. We are usually barefoot inside or we will wear inside slippers.

Any footwear used outside stays outside before coming in, they are usually left on or around the floor mat found just outside the entrance door.

Unlike Western customs, most Asian countries do not wear their outside footwear inside their houses because they do not want to drag the dirt into their homes.

The large wooden spoon and fork display on the wall.

Spoons and forks are the most used utensils in a Filipino household. A large and wooden version of a spoon and fork can be found in many Filipino houses, especially in the kitchen.

Also, many Filipinos believe that spoons and forks are symbols of good health and a prosperous family. “The oversizing enhances that symbolism“. This is a classic thing you may find in a classic Pinoy home.

Ice cream tub in the freezer with fish or meat inside.

Of course, this one is a classic. Up to this date, many Filipino households are practicing this one. Have you ever experienced getting excited after finding an ice cream tub in your freezer only to find out that it has fish inside, not ice cream? Well, I guess most Pinoy kids also experienced that.

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Filipino parents are frugal and creative. After eating a whole tub of ice cream, they usually clean and keep the tub. They believe that they have another purpose. And, one useful purpose of it is to be a fish or meat container in the freezer.

A Tabo (dipper) and Timba (pail/bucket) in the bathroom

A Pinoy home will not be complete without tabo and timba. I believe every classic Pinoy home has one. Not every Filipino household has a shower and a bidet in their bathroom. Most Filipinos use tabo and timba when they are taking a bath or after their business on the toilet.

Also, even though some Filipinos who have showers, they still have tabo and timba in their bathroom!

These prove that Filipinos have distinct personalities and customs that are evident in their safe space, their home. There are also trademarks of every Filipino household I bet you will know. Although, some Filipino houses today are more modern and do not have these. These are still classics!

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