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A Miracle for skin care by SOME-BY-MI

A Miracle for skin care by SOME-BY-MI

Some may think that it is a miracle to have perfectly beautiful and smooth skin, but not anymore! The leading K Beauty Skincare brand, SOME BY MI, has realized this impossibility with its acne care solution named “Miracle”. Good ingredients found in nature and have been self-developed by the technology of SOME BY MI is a miracle indeed. The company was derived from “SOMETHING” and “BY A MIRACLE” which reflects the company’s goal. A goal that is no longer that far to reach and that hard to attain is now here. Why wait for a miracle to happen when it can be yours with a push of a button?

AHA BHA PHA Miracle AC Clear Spot Treatment, 10g (P770)

Miracle AC’s spot care removes acnes inside the skin and prevents it from being spread to keep acne from getting worse in just 3 days. Mircle AC Clear Spot Treament is composed of; Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract which protects the skin and boosts the skin’s energy. Eclipta Prostrata Extract moisturizes and soothes skin. Ficus Carica (Fig) Fruit Extract that restores skin condition and prevents aging. And, Artemisia Annua Extract is both Anti-inflammatory and calming to the skin.

(Bestseller) Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream, 3ml, 30ml (P1000)

Stressed out lately? It may result to having fine lines and dark circles under your eyes! Don’t be bothered because SOME-BY-MI’s Retinol Intense Advanced Triple Action Eye Cream will get rid of them for you! A total package that will keep you from looking old and tired. Along with this, it has anti-aging care that can be used on any concerning areas of loose, sagging skin such as eyes, forehead, lips, and neck. Worry no more of having sticky feeling while having it on because it has a moisturizing sensation with a refreshing texture that is very soothing to the skin.

(Bestseller) YUJA Niacin Dark Spot Correcting Stick (P1000)

Pigmentation is marked by troubles and blemishes caused by UV rays. With Yuja Stick Dark Spot Care, fending off blemishes, spots and freckles are as easy as it gets. Besides, it also prevents blemishes by inhibiting melanin moving to the skin surface and brightens dark spots with a powerful brightening functional effect. A 4 in 1 Multi stick which has 5% Niacinamide Ultra Brightening with Dark spot triple care and a Tone up balancing. Without a doubt, what a great deal indeed!

(Hero product) AC SOS Starter Kit (30ml. 10ml, 20g, 30ml) (P1077)

Acne problem? Tired of having oily skin and dead skin cells? Here’s what we got for you! AC SOS Starter Kit by SOME BY MI will help you have moisturized skin and exfoliating effect. It deeply cleanses impurities inside the pores and sebum, removes dead skin cells, and builds up a stronger barrier against skin problems.

(Hero product)  30days Miracle Starter Kit (30ml. 10ml, 20g, 30g) (P1077)

Having trouble on how to start taking care of your skin? 30days Miracle Starter Kit by SOME BY MI has it all prepared for you! In just 30 days, experience a soothing feeling of a moisturized skin that keeps you from inflammation due to heat. What’s more is that it also has a whitening effect and wrinkle improvement.

This miracle product can be yours on SOME-BY-MI’s special promo brand day on Shopee PH on September 22, 2022! Check it out here.

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