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Don’t get out of your house without these rainy day essentials

Don’t get out of your house without these rainy day essentials

The rainy season is here. With schools slowly opening and welcoming back students on campus and other establishments reopening, we tend to forget that we should get out of our homes unprepared. Plan your day ahead and make sure to bring rainy day essentials to make it easier for you to navigate through the changing weather. Rainy days call for a bigger purse or handbag. That way, you can conveniently pack with you. 

Don’t get out of your house without these rainy day essentials


It’s the obvious go-to and must-have when the weather goes bad. It remains an understatement to say carrying this during the rainy season. Practically common knowledge, umbrellas can help even when it’s sunny outside. Providing the most resistance against rain, it remains significant light in your bag and can be used for protection against the sun. 


Although it can be tempting to wear slippers in this kind of weather, I actually recommend you not to. It provides very little protection and grip in case you manage to slip every now and then on the road. However, you don’t need to wear those incredibly bulky rain boots. Instead, wear leather boots or rubber and/or vinyl shoes. Plus, you can easily style these with the rest of your outfit. 


Plastic ponchos aren’t the way to go. You can have lightweight and stylish raincoat or jacket. Bringing one can provide the most protection as it can cover your whole body It is also advisable to carry this during rainy days. There are stores that sell fashionable raincoats, jackets, and trench coats that go well with your outfit while protecting you from the rain. Make sure the hood remains long enough to cover your head. That way, it can also decrease the likelihood of getting sick. 


Sometimes, despite bringing these rainy day essentials, things will still go wrong. Unfortunately, it will feel uncomfortable and it can be dangerous as it will put you at risk of catching a cold. Aside from that, it will also weaken your immune system and might make you vulnerable to the coronavirus. Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag to keep your wet clothes away from other things inside your bag. If you can, bring a towel with you – just in case.



The rainy season comes with mosquito season as dengue cases tend to increase. Getting sick happens more often during the rainy season. Don’t take any chances and undermine the damage a small insect could inflict. Experts recommend applying an effective and natural mosquito repellant. Hopefully, it’s strong enough to keep mosquitos from even getting a sniff of you. 

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Your mobile phone is your best friend and everyone knows that you won’t want it to become damaged by the rain. When a strong typhoon comes, you might become stranded and your phone will allow you to stay connected with others. If you lose it or it gets damaged, concerned people will leave you wondering what happened to you until you get to contact them again. With a waterproof pouch protecting your phone, you can walk calmly knowing your phone remains safe from the rain. 


Related to the earlier essential, sometimes, power goes out during the rainy season. So, one can never go wrong with a fully-charged power bank in hand. Charge your devices anywhere without going through the hassles of borrowing other’s power banks, just in case power outlets won’t work. 

Rain can be the biggest bummer to whatever you have planned for the day. Bring these rainy day essentials with you every day and protect yourself from sickness. Have a sunny mindset, stay positive, and have a smile on your face to counter the gloomy weather. 

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