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#BeyondPride: ‘You Are’ Campaign – A Short Message From Me to You

#BeyondPride: ‘You Are’ Campaign – A Short Message From Me to You

As we celebrate Pride Month with the theme #BeyondPRIDE: You Are, I, as an ally, would like to share a short message as to how I view you as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

This is a message that aims to emphasize the equality of all genders, how I view your strength, your love, and your compassion towards others—something that you should be proud of.

I sincerely hope you will never forget your worth and carry it anywhere you go, no matter what and who you are.

#BeyondPride: You are

You are Unique

There are 6 colors in the Pride flag and each one of them represents something; there is only one of you and you are the only one who can take pride in it. Don’t let others diminish your uniqueness.

You are a Star

You are a star that shines brightly through the night. It may not be visible to you right now, but from afar, for the people who see your reflection, you twinkle as the clouds move out. You glow anywhere you go. And in whatever you do, you shine.

You are Beautiful

You’re beautiful no matter what shape or size, what color your skin is, or who you love. Don’t let the world tell you otherwise. Every bit of yourself builds up to how exquisitely beautiful you are. Embrace it. Rock it.

You are Fabulous

Whenever I think of the word “fabulous” it is you that I remember. It reminds me of your laugh, your braveness, your strength, and maybe sometimes your amazing fashion sense. You are fab. Own it.

You are Free

You don’t need to hide now and you don’t need to play pretend. With me, you can be your best self. It’s time to let your colors fly. You are free. I got you.

You are Accepted

If there are things that are unchangeable, you are one of them. Let yourself be you, do things that describe you, and utter words that define you. I accept your entirety and you should too.

You are Generous

I know that you don’t simply give away or show your kindness to others. You also give a part of yourself. I appreciate your generosity. I hope the world gets filled with people like you.

You are Human

You make me feel secure, accepted, and supported. It’s your turn to feel that way. It’s ok to fall down and commit mistakes. You are human and it’s normal.

You are Important

A single person like you can turn small things into huge ones. You make the unthinkable, possible, with your brilliant mind—a puzzle piece that makes everything complete. That’s how you are to me. You matter.

You are an Inspiration

I fight because you inspire me to be my most authentic self. You also choose to share your light with me and I’m shining because of you.

You are Kind

I know how hard it is to be kind in this dog-eat-dog world. But with you, it is effortless, maybe because it’s part of your nature. Your kindness means a lot to everyone around you. Don’t be afraid to show it as you flaunt the real you #BeyondPride.

You are Loved

Whether the world has broken your heart into a million pieces, whether your spirit has been crushed so many times you can’t count them, you should know that I am here behind you. You are loved and you are worth it.

You are a Motivation

The way you do not buckle under pressure, and the way you face the hurdles head-on, inspire me to keep going. Seeing how strong you are, strengthens me too. You motivate me.

You are Not Alone

The world may change its trends, may shift its machination, and may transform its different things. Nevertheless, as long as you’re with me and this community, you will never be alone. You won’t be by yourself as you go through this journey. Hand in hand, we walk together.

You are Smart

Being yourself enables me to understand your beliefs, perspectives, and language. It is a privilege to learn from you and to see things through your eyes. You help me see things differently. Your cleverness adds radiance to the six-color flag, which makes me want to wave it too.

You are Special

Do you know what makes you Special? Your passion. You sprinkle it in whatever you do. You add pride to this community. The way you spread your colors makes you stand out more. You make me feel special because you are special. I am glad to know you.

You are Fun

You exude happiness and positive vibes. Wherever you go, you let your flag fly. You exhibit everything I need to see the light in every situation. You are the life of the party. We will never be complete without you.

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You are Talented

You never want to ask for someone’s help and you don’t like your problems to weigh others down. It is because you are independent and you have all the goods to do it all on your own.

You are talented enough to face all the challenges that life brings, to announce to the world the real you, and survive it with flying colors. I know you will continue to accomplish more. So buckle up your seat belt because your journey has just started.

You are Successful

The way you fight your battles just to reach your dreams makes me proud. You don’t back down from any challenge until you attain the end of your goal. With all of your strength, you are able to be a success and an inspiration to others. You succeed, not just in your career, love life, or passions, but as a person overall. Continue being a beacon of hope to others.

You are Valid

You are valid even if sometimes you act careless, show vulnerability, be weak, dress whatever you want, put on makeup, or even when you walk away from the path of others. Whatever you do, do it because it defines you and the community that you represent. While we, your allies, will be here, supporting you.

Today is the time that you must take pride in yourself, #BeyondPRIDE. Wear that shirt and wave that flag proudly. No one can be you. Do you. Show the real you.

If you wanna join us in this campaign, read more about how to join here.

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