‘Beyond Pride: I Am Campaign’ is now open for registration

This Pride Month, we are encouraging everyone to celebrate their individuality and to take pride in their uniqueness regardless of gender. Now, more than ever, let’s recognize the importance of diversity in our communities, within our organization, and around the world.

In line with this year’s momentous occasion, Village Pipol Magazine continues to advocate acceptance, equality, and diversity. In our 3rd year of Beyond Pride campaign, we want to highlight individuality as a strength.

Beyond Pride: I AM… is a social media campaign, which aims:

  1. [To] provide an immediate and far-reaching platform that will promote every person’s individuality regardless of gender.
  2. [To] promote understanding, respect, and empathy towards the members of LGBT+ community and its allies
  3. [To] educate people that one’s worth will never be measured by gender, but their capabilities to contribute change and progression within their communities.
  4. [To] deliver a message that Pride Month goes beyond gender and its complexity. It’s a celebration of your individuality as your strength.

As a (your gender identity), what word best describes yourself? (e.g. STRONG, CONFIDENT, A WOMAN, FLUID, etc.)

  1. Please send your high resolution midshot photo (preferably plain-coloured background) to vpcelebrateyourtruth@gmail.com to be used as campaign material.
  2.  Follow this format as your email subject: PRIDE / Name / Age / One word that best describes yourself. (e.g. PRIDE/Juan dela Cruz/23/EMPOWERED)
  3. Deadline on June 26, 2020.

Sample campaign materials:

Binibini 33 Alexandria Faith Garcia

Kevin Balot

Let’s come together and change the world. Express your love and support because even one voice can be powerful. With unity, empathy, and understanding, we can create fruitful discourse and social media movement for LGBT community and its allies. Happy Pride Month!

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