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#BeyondPRIDE: ‘You Are’ Campaign is now open for Registration

#BeyondPRIDE: ‘You Are’ Campaign is now open for Registration

#BeyondPRIDE is an annual Village Pipol Campaign commemorating Pride Month. Through this, we encourage everyone to embrace who they truly are from the inside. It is time to celebrate the importance of our uniqueness and its essence in the beauty of diversity in our communities.

In this year’s PRIDE, VPM is back with the #BeyondPRIDE: You Are Campaign. As gender is a social construct that separates people, this year’s campaign emphasizes that no gender is greater than the other. Our true strength lies in the compassion and love we share with everyone. Be one with us in making use of all available platforms to advocate equality, diversity, and individuality.

Village Pipol Magazine is well-known for producing worthy digital and print content. And through the years, VPM has created several campaigns that amplify and support the LGBTQIA+ community.

With the success of the preceded campaigns, this year, Village Pipol once again aspires to shake social media by promoting its campaign: #BeyondPride: You Are.

Moreover, the #YouAreCampaign (from someone’s perspective) aims to acknowledge each individuality and every community in all sectors. This campaign promotes the inclusivity of every person, no matter what or who they are. This campaign reminds people that your stands, perspectives, and feelings are VALID.

#BeyondPride: YOU ARE… is a social media campaign that aims:

  1. [To] provide an immediate and far-reaching platform to promote every person’s individuality regardless of gender.
  2. [To] promote understanding, respect, and empathy towards the members of the LGBT+ community and its allies
  3. [To] educate people that one’s worth IS NOT and will never be measured by gender, but by their capabilities to contribute to change and progression within their communities.
  4. [To] deliver a message that Pride Month goes beyond gender and complexity. It’s a celebration of your individuality as your strength.
Shirt Size (Width x Height)
Small 19*26
Medium 20*27
Large 21*28
Extra Large 22*29

What message would you like to share with the world (You Are)? Make yourself the voice and spread your statement (Choices: HUMAN, VALID, ACCEPTED, STAR, INSPIRATION, LOVED, IMPORTANT, SPECIAL, KIND, SUCCESSFUL, MOTIVATION, FABULOUS, UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, SMART, GENEROUS, NOT ALONE, FUN, and FREE).

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Furthermore, here’s how you can join:

  1. For official registration, you can purchase the exclusive shirts from Village Pipol Shopee Store. Order here: https://shopee.ph/villagepipol.
  2. After purchasing your preferred shirt, take a shot of yourself showing off the shirt and the pride message attached to it. It is recommendable to use a high-resolution midshot photo (preferably plain-colored background) for better quality.
  3. Then, send your photo to beyondpridecampaign@gmail.com to be used as campaign material. Follow this format as your email subject: PRIDE / Name / Age / Statement. (e.g. PRIDE/Juan dela Cruz/23/YOU ARE NOT ALONE)
  4. Upon sending the campaign material, the creatives of Village Pipol Magazine will take in-charge of the layout. After a few days, VPM will then send the edited version of your photo via email.
  5. Once you received it, you are now ready to flaunt your best and most beautiful version to the world. You can already post it on your social media using the compelling captions that we prepare for you.
  6. All the cover shoots can be posted on June 1, 2022. Meanwhile, the deadline for purchasing the exclusive shirts will be on June 20, 2022.


Therefore, do not let people or society make you believe that your worth is based on nonsensical gender norms. There is nothing to change when YOU ARE already shining in your own way. Remember that with compassion, empathy, and understanding, a beneficial discourse and social media movement is possible for the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies.

After all, whether you represent a color or not, YOU ARE HUMAN just like everyone else.

Pride month is fast approaching which means the colorful personalities of each and every individual will once again give life to the world. However, never forget that it is a protest that will never be over, before and after the month of June.

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