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Barangay officials to ban ‘unnecessary noise’ during online class hours

Barangay officials to ban ‘unnecessary noise’ during online class hours

Filipino students are still having a hard time adapting to distance learning. They need to give their 100 percent attention to the monitor in front of them. There are plenty of sources of noise and distractions from their surroundings like dogs barking, babies crying, and others. That’s why many are requesting to the barangays to ban the use of noisy equipment like karaoke machines during online classes.

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No using noisy equipment during online class to help students focus on studies

Philippine National Police (PNP) will be asking barangays all over the country to pass local ordinances or resolutions to prohibit activities that make unnecessary noise. These noises can disrupt the online ould disrupt the online distance learning of millions of public school students. PNP chief General Camilo Cascolan explained that police will coordinate with barangay officials to make communities conducive to distance learning and work from home arrangements. This will continue while there are still risks from COVID-19. He added, “We will be asking the barangays to have a resolution regarding the use of these noisy devices. Barangay ordinances will be in place and we will coordinate with them.”

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To make sure of the smooth implementation of the ordinance, Cascolan mentioned that the PNP will set up barangay assistance centers. In these centers, they will assign at least two policemen. These policemen will coordinate everything with the police stations. They will have direct contact with operational units in the area. If there’s a huge problem, they can make a call there. Just this last Sunday, there was an order for the police commanders nationwide to eradicate drinking and singing karaoke in public spaces. This is in preparation for the start of online classes in public schools.

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Can students attend their classes in computer shops?

PNP also made a clarification that they would not stop students from entering computer shops. The reason is that not all students have access to learning devices and to the Internet. Before, the Joint Task Force COVID Shield said barangay officials should not allow minors in internet cafes as part of quarantine rules. According to Cascolan, it means that internet cafes should have protocols that students can follow. They are also encouraging schools to cooperate with computer shops especially if there are students having a hard time with the new learning system.

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Since it may do more harm than good, the government is not yet open to the idea of allowing internet shops to reopen and give students a place to attend their online classes.  Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, who chairs the National Task Force Against COVID-19, said computer shops would remain closed for now. Lorenzana explained that internet shops are enclosed places where customers assemble and increase the risk of coronavirus transmission.

What do you guys suggest to make the distance learning work?

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